At present, automatic fare collection system is more and more widely used in subway, cinema, gymnasium, opera house, railway station, airport and other occasions. The main equipment of the automatic fare collection system includes central computer, system workstation, coding sorter, station computer, automatic ticket vending machine, gate machine, automatic recharge machine, ticket checking machine, etc. Among them, the gate is an important part of the automatic fare collection system. Based on computer technology, information technology, automatic control technology and other technologies, the gate realizes the high efficiency and quickness of fare collection and entry. At the same time, it can also facilitate the statistics of passenger flow and finance in various periods. More importantly, it can highlight the value of data in the era of big data.

Where the automatic fare collection system is used, the industrial computer is required to realize the demand of “fast, accurate and excellent”. Fast, that is, the response should be sensitive. There are a large number of people who need to check tickets every day, so fast must be met. Accurate, that is, if the ticket check is accurate, you should pass immediately, and the fee deduction in the system should be accurate and reliable. Excellent, that is, the whole system is required to be excellent and reliable, and has outstanding advantages in performance, stability, safety and reliability. For example, during ticket inspection, the gate needs real-time communication with various ticket inspection equipment to realize orderly, efficient and controllable access through bill verification, which requires strong computing power of embedded industrial computer. In addition, the working environment of the gate is relatively complex, which requires that the embedded industrial control computer can meet the needs of wide temperature, high humidity and other environments.

How to select the embedded IPC of automatic fare collection system? The best choice is to choose a brand with reliable quality, brand appeal and market influence. As a high-quality brand of industrial computer in China, Yanwei has more than 10 years of industry experience and has rich and successful cases in the application field of automatic fare collection system. At the same time, the BS series embedded industrial control computer has the advantages of high quality and high cost performance, and meets all the requirements of the gate for the embedded industrial control computer. Features of embedded industrial computer products:

1. Good stability

No fan structure design, compact structure, small volume, good heat dissipation performance, stable and reliable operation for a long time.

2. Strong performance

With high-performance processor and up to 16g memory, the operation speed fully meets the operation of the gateway control system, and can process a large number of data and instructions at high speed.

3. High reliability

The BS series embedded industrial control computer can run continuously for a long time in complex environments such as high vibration, high temperature and low temperature. It is equipped with watchdog function, supports emergency reset, MTBF is greater than 8000 hours, and operation and maintenance is simple.

4. Strong expansibility

Developed into BS series products, it has rich I / O interfaces, configured with expansion board and strong scalability. Meet the access requirements of multi equipment such as information display device, alarm device and blocking device, and support the upgrading and expansion of the system.

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