1 Introduction:

Labeling machine, in short, is a device that pastes labels on products and specific packaging. Its electrical system is mainly composed of PLC controller, HMI, servo (or stepping) system, sensor, etc., and the sensor plays the role of “eye” in the labeling machine equipment, such as the label sensor for detecting the label and the sensor for sensing the position of the object to be labeled.

With the development of the packaging industry and the improvement of the degree of automation, customers’ requirements for label types and beautiful labeling, the labeling machine has to change from manual and semi-automatic labeling to automatic high-speed labeling; According to market research, most labeling machine equipment manufacturers have encountered technical problems such as difficult detection (unable to detect), stamping, labeling accuracy and speed of special labels, and how to accurately detect labels and achieve high-speed detection with ecotter label sensor.

2 ecotter label sensor

As we all know, the types of labels generally include self-adhesive labels, transparent labels, bronzing labels, silver bronzing labels, transparent bronzing labels, metal labels, etc., while the label detection sensors include optical fiber amplifier devices (which are rarely used in the market at present), photoelectric label sensors, ultrasonic label sensors and capacitive label sensors.

Figure (1)

Ecotter label sensor (as shown in Figure 1) has: leading capacitive label sensors cfu-200, cfu-100 and photoelectric label sensors. The following focuses on cfu-200 universal label detection king.

2.1 universal label detection king cfu-200

Cfu-200 is a capacitive label sensor, which detects the thickness difference of the label and is not affected by the material, transparency, printing color and other factors of the label; It has natural advantages for ultrasonic label sensor and photoelectric label sensor. Ecottrer universal label detection king cfu-200 has the following characteristics:

2.1.1 reliable detection of various types of labels

Label type bronzing

Transparent metal

Label bronzing

Label silver stamping

Label transparency

Label common


Whether it can be detected √√√√√√

2.1.2 intellectualization

◆ cfu-200 has self-learning function, one key learning without adjustment (as shown in Figure 2);

◆ remote operation, unique remote control line, no need to operate the button of the sensor body, and directly realize the external control of the sensor on HMI or equipment console (as shown in Figure 3);

Figure (2) figure (3)

2.1.3 high speed, high precision and excellent stability

The switching frequency of the product is up to 5KHz, and the positioning accuracy is ± 0.1mm; The ability to resist acoustic, optical and electrical interference is very strong. The special design reduces the influence of temperature and humidity on its accuracy to a lower level (very strong ability to resist various types of interference);

2.1.4 switching value output integrates NPN and PNP output. Can better meet customer requirements;

2.1.5 aluminum alloy frame shell. The product is strong, with good fall and wear resistance, beautiful exterior light and high-end.

2.2 photoelectric label sensor pft-100 (a new generation of economical label sensor)

Ecotter photoelectric label sensor pft-100 is commonly used to detect non transparent labels and is specially designed to meet various requirements in labeling process. The specific features are as follows:

◆ self learning function (key adjustment and external remote control);

◆ aluminum alloy frame shell, thin design, can be flexibly installed near the label stripper to ensure higher process accuracy;

◆ the switching frequency can reach 10kHz

◆ a new generation of special slot sensor for economical label, with high cost performance.

2.3 ecoter fiber amplifier

On the labeling machine, ecoter optical fiber amplifier is mainly used to sense the position of the object to be labeled. It has the following main features:

◆ eight bit double digital display amplifier, easy to operate (as shown in Figure 4);

◆ the sensitivity can be adjusted and has the function of time delay (0-9999ms) control and adjustment;

◆ strong anti electromagnetic, ambient light intensity and other light source interference;

◆ high performance series products have special functions (interval output, counter output, two-point output, pulse output, external control output, anti shake function, etc.) and high performance (switching frequency up to 10kHz).

Figure (4)

3 common problems and solutions of labeling machine

After market development and product application in recent years, ecoter has summarized the problems often encountered by customers, as shown in the following table, as well as some case photos of ecoter sensor application in some customers (as shown in Figure 5)

Common phenomenon



Changing the label status is troublesome, and the photoelectric pft-100 or cfu-200 has one key learning and remote control, which can be selected according to the type of label

It is troublesome to learn the initial state of the label (many brands). You need to tear the label and adjust it for learning. All label sensors of ecoter can realize one click learning or remote control

The ultrasonic tag sensor is greatly affected by the environment (such as noise) and speed, which makes it impossible to realize high-speed detection and unstable cfu-100 / cfu-200

Some labels are made of complex materials, which makes it difficult to detect or unstable cfu-200

The performance of all label sensors of stamping ecoter is stable, which belongs to the unstable performance of label sensors

For ordinary label and transparent label, two kinds of label sensors need to be selected, which is more troublesome for cfu-100

Figure (5)

4 Conclusion

The application of ecoter sensor in labeling machine industry solves the problems of customer technology, inventory reduction and cost reduction.

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