CPU226 itself does not have an Ethernet communication interface, and it can communicate with Stepco touch screen modbusTCP client through Xingda Easy Control XD1.0 (bridge type) Ethernet module;

Key words

Textile machinery equipment networking; Xingda Easy Control PPI-ETH-XD1.0 Ethernet module

Existing equipment and networking requirements

There are 6 textile machines in the customer workshop. The control system adopts Siemens PLC, the model is CPU226. One communication port has been used for free port communication with the inverter/instrument, and the other communication port is connected to a touch screen of Boke as a man-machine. interface.

It is required to establish a set of remote equipment monitoring and production management system for the customer, which can monitor the operation status of 6 equipments and count production information in the general manager's room; the site is not suitable for wired layout, and wireless communication is expected. Remote control and access via the Internet will be possible in the future.

Program brief

CPU226 itself does not have an Ethernet communication interface, but the use of Xingda Easy Control PPI-ETH-XD1.0 (bridge type) module can meet the requirements. Unplug the communication cable between Boke touch screen and CPU226, insert the PPI-ETH-XD1.0 module into the CPU226 communication port, and then insert the touch screen communication cable plug into the X2 female port of the PPI-ETH-XD1.0 module. One communication port of CPU226 communicates with the free port of the inverter/instrument, and the other communication port communicates with the host computer via Ethernet, and can also communicate with the touch screen.

PPI-ETH-XD1.0 module interface diagram

Equipment Communication Transformation Diagram

Equipment information architecture diagram

System hardware and software requirements

Each device needs to add a Xingda Easy Control PPI-ETH-XD1.0 module and a wireless AP;

One computer (with network card) for monitoring and one wireless AP.

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