Since the development of biometric technology, human beings have made great achievements in the field of security by using security and accuracy, such as smart community, smart storage, smart home and new retail. How can biometrics be applied in payment?

In many years of research and development, today, people’s awareness of mobile phone security has also improved, and with the rise of mobile payment, the cumbersome digital password leads to these technologies are not widely used. Therefore, at present, both users and manufacturers hope to have more secure and convenient verification methods, so biometric technology is favored by smart phone manufacturers. But at present, there are so many biometric technologies, which one would you choose?

At present, the three most widely used biometric technologies are face recognition, iris recognition and fingerprint recognition. Iris recognition technology is the safest biometric technology in the market, because its features cannot be copied. It can be used in some important occasions, iris recognition technology is also widely used in the field of security, such as access control, financial field, which not only reduces a lot of work content for departments, but also ensures people’s safety. At present, the state is also vigorously supporting iris recognition technology, so our smart phones are not widely used?

Although iris recognition technology is recognized as the safest biometric technology, the use of face recognition technology needs to maintain a specified angle in order to effectively recognize. For residential access control, such requirements are better to identify, such as: Tuoshi intelligent multimodal biometric system, as long as people in the identification area can automatically identify success. For the smart phones that we often use, we must set a specific posture for each unlock, which not only wastes people’s time.

In addition to iris, two of the most popular biometric technologies are face recognition and iris recognition. Face recognition technology from 2D to 3D; from static recognition to dynamic recognition; previous face recognition technology is static, a picture can cheat, more excessive is printing a picture can automatically unlock, so this is why 2D has not been applied by mobile payment system, because its security has not yet reached the standard requirements.

At present, the application of 3D recognition technology has greatly improved the security performance, and it is also applied in the field of mobile payment,

Let’s talk about fingerprint identification technology. Fingerprint identification technology is the most widely used in the market. Both high-end and low-end computers carry fingerprint identification. For example, fingerprint identification technology is the standard configuration of smart phones. Fingerprint identification is easy to be accepted by people, and it also cultivates the habit of not easy to modify.

As the size of fingerprint sensor becomes smaller, intelligent learning function is added to the algorithm. However, some algorithms also record the fingerprint independent information in the fingerprint database, resulting in the fingerprint being cracked. Therefore, it can be seen that even if many mobile phones are equipped with fingerprint identification, it is impossible to use fingerprint for payment.

Biometric technology is maturing in the mobile field, even reaching a new level. To say who will win, the current situation is unpredictable, but it can be seen in the short term that fingerprint identification is the most widely used.

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