Electric toothbrush

Almost everyone is using the electric toothbrush now. The electric toothbrush uses the vibration of the micro motor to replace the brushing action of the ordinary toothbrush. Compared with the ordinary manual toothbrush, the cleaning effect can clean the teeth more effectively, and the market potential is very large!

Silicone Cleanser

The principle of the silicone cleanser is to clean the skin through the vibrating brush head of the micro motor. The micro vibration frequency of the cleanser is generally thousands of times / ~ tens of thousands of times (depending on the micro motor). The sound pressure generated by the ultra-high speed vibration will bring acceleration and strength to the water molecules, and then take away the dirt in the pores!

Electric shaver

The razor can be said to be a necessary tool for men. Compared with the traditional manual blade razor, the electric razor is faster, cleaner and safer. It is almost one person. The electric razor drives the blade through the micro motor to achieve the shaving effect.

Nail grinder

The nail polishing machine is driven by a micro motor and has the function of fast and slow rotation. It can be used at will as long as it is fitted with accessories. Metal grinding head: rough grinding and repair type, with the function of removing dead skin at the same time; Sand wheel grinding head: fine grinding nail cortex; Sand wheel grinding head: polish the nail edge; Wool polishing head: polish the nail surface; Brush head: clean nail fragments.

oral irrigator

With the improvement of people’s awareness of personal oral care, they don’t just stay in the simple care of brushing their teeth. They will clean the oral cavity and protect their teeth through various oral care products. For example, the tooth punch is an auxiliary tool for cleaning the oral cavity. The micro motor drives the water flow to clean the dental plaque and food residue in the teeth, crevices, gingival sulcus and other parts.

Electric hair dryer

The electric blower can form air flow through the driving impeller of the micro DC motor to dry the hair. Now there are all kinds of hair dryers on the market, such as anti-static, negative ions, etc. no matter what function they have, the quality of hair dryers is mainly based on micro motors.

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