Application fields of cloud storage

Cloud IOT application

The relationship between cloud computing and the Internet of things can be illustrated by a vivid metaphor: “cloud computing” is the embryonic form of the nervous system in the “Internet”, and “the Internet of things” is the sprout of the emerging peripheral nervous system of the “Internet”.

Cloud storage application

Cloud storage is a new concept extended and developed from the concept of cloud computing. It refers to a system that gathers a large number of different types of storage devices in the network through application software to work together and jointly provide data storage and business access functions through cluster applications, grid technology or distributed file system. When the core of cloud computing system operation and processing is the storage and management of a large amount of data, a large number of storage devices need to be configured in the cloud computing system, then the cloud computing system will become a cloud storage system, so cloud storage is a cloud computing system with data storage and management as the core.

Cloud call application

Cloud call center is a call center system built based on cloud computing technology. Enterprises do not need to buy any software and hardware systems. As long as they have the basic conditions such as personnel and site, they can quickly have their own call center. The software and hardware platform, communication resources, daily maintenance and services are provided by the server provider. It has many characteristics such as short construction cycle, less investment, low risk, flexible deployment, strong system capacity scalability and low operation and maintenance cost; Whether it is a telemarketing center or a customer service center, an enterprise can establish a call center system with comprehensive functions, stability, reliability, seats distributed all over the country and national call access only by renting services on demand.

Private Cloud Application

Private cloud is to create cloud infrastructure and software and hardware resources in the firewall for all departments in the organization or enterprise to share the resources in the data center. To create a private cloud, in addition to hardware resources, there are generally cloud device (IAAs) software; At present, commercial software includes vSphere of VMware and ISF of platform computing. Open source cloud device software mainly includes eucalyptus and openstack.

Private cloud computing also includes three levels: cloud hardware, cloud platform and cloud service. The difference is that cloud hardware is the user’s own personal computer or server, not the data center of cloud computing manufacturers. Cloud computing manufacturers build data centers to provide public cloud services for millions of users, so they need to have tens of millions of servers. Private cloud computing only serves relatives and friends for individuals, and only serves employees and customers and suppliers of the enterprise for enterprises. Therefore, personal computers or servers of individuals or enterprises are enough to provide cloud services.

Cloud game application

Cloud game is a game mode based on cloud computing. In the operation mode of cloud game, all games run on the server, and the rendered game picture is compressed and transmitted to users through the network. On the client side, the user’s game device does not need any high-end processor and graphics card, but only needs basic video decompression capability. At present, cloud games have not become a networking mode for home computers and handheld computers, because X360 still uses live, PS is PS network, and Wii is Wi Fi. However, in a few years or more, it is very likely that cloud computing will replace these things as the ultimate direction of network development. If this idea can become a reality, host manufacturers will become network operators. They don’t need to continuously invest huge R & D expenses for new hosts, but only need to take a small part of this money to upgrade their servers, but the effect is almost the same. For users, they can save the cost of buying the console, but they can get the top game screen (of course, the hardware for video output must be excellent). You can imagine that a handheld computer and a home computer have the same picture. The home computer is as simple as the set-top box we use today. Even the home computer can replace the set-top box of TV and become the TV viewing mode of the next era.

Cloud education application

An example of video cloud computing application in the education industry: the streaming media platform is deployed in a distributed architecture, which is divided into web server, database server, live broadcast server and streaming server. If necessary, an acquisition workstation can be set up in the information center to build a network TV or live broadcast application, Streaming media functional components are configured in the classrooms where the recording and broadcasting system or live broadcasting system has been deployed in each school, so that the recording and broadcasting live can be transmitted to the global live broadcasting server of the streaming media platform management center in real time. At the same time, the recording and broadcasting schools can also be uploaded and stored on the streaming storage server of the information center to facilitate future retrieval, on-demand, evaluation and other applications.

Cloud conference application

Cloud conference is an efficient, convenient and low-cost conference form based on cloud computing technology. Users only need to conduct simple and easy-to-use operations through the Internet interface to quickly and efficiently share voice, data files and videos with teams and customers around the world. Cloud conference service providers help users operate complex technologies such as data transmission and processing in meetings.

At present, domestic cloud conference mainly focuses on the service content with SaaS (software as a service) mode as the main body, including telephone, network, video and other service forms. Cloud computing based video conference is called cloud conference. Cloud conference is the perfect combination of video conference and cloud computing, which brings the most convenient remote conference experience. Timely mobile cloud teleconference is the perfect integration of cloud computing technology and mobile Internet technology. It can conduct simple operation through mobile terminals and provide efficient convening and management of meetings anytime, anywhere.

Cloud social applications

Cloud social is a virtual social application model for interactive applications of Internet of things, cloud computing and mobile Internet. It aims to establish a famous “resource sharing relationship map” and then carry out online social networking. The main feature of cloud social networking is to integrate and evaluate a large number of social resources to form an effective resource pool to provide services to users on demand. The more users participate in sharing, the greater the use value they can create.

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What are the key technologies of cloud storage

The key technology of cloud computing is the development and commercial realization of concepts such as distributed processing, parallel computing and grid computing. Its technical essence is the virtualization of it software and hardware resources such as computing, storage, server and application software. Cloud computing has its own unique technology in virtualization, data storage, data management and programming mode. The key technologies of cloud computing include the following directions: virtual machine technology virtual machine, that is, server virtualization is an important cornerstone of the underlying architecture of cloud computing. In server virtualization, virtualization software needs to realize the abstraction of hardware, resource allocation, scheduling and management, isolation between virtual machine and host operating system and multiple virtual machines. At present, typical implementations (basically become the standard) include Citrix Xen, VMware ESX server and Microsoft hype-v. Data storage technology cloud computing system needs to meet the needs of a large number of users at the same time and provide services for a large number of users in parallel.

Therefore, the data storage technology of cloud computing must have the characteristics of distributed, high throughput and high transmission rate. At present, data storage technologies mainly include Google’s GFS (Google file system, non open source) and HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system, open source). At present, these two technologies have become de facto standards. Data management technology cloud computing is characterized by a large number of analysis after massive data storage and reading. How to improve the data update rate and further improve the random reading rate is a problem that must be solved by the future data management technology. The most famous data management technology of cloud computing is Google’s BigTable data management technology. At the same time, Hadoop development team is developing an open-source data management module similar to BigTable.

Distributed programming and computing in order to enable users to more easily enjoy the services brought by cloud computing and enable users to use the programming model to write simple programs to achieve specific purposes, the programming model on cloud computing must be very simple. The complex parallel execution and task scheduling in the background must be transparent to users and programmers. At present, the programming tools of cloud plan proposed by various IT manufacturers are based on the map reduce programming model.

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