Before understanding the application scenario, it is necessary to make clear what is embedded.

Embedded system is actually a software and hardware system that controls electronic and mechanical components to complete the required functions. It mainly includes software technology development, hardware technology design. MCU development and Linux development are actually embedded development. At this time, some people doubt whether Android mobile phone development belongs to embedded technology. I can tell you that it belongs to. Because it conforms to the embedded concept mentioned above.

The meaning of embedded technology is very wide, and also derived a lot of different technical requirements and difficult jobs, so before choosing to engage in embedded development, we need to find the breakthrough point.

What are the application fields of embedded technology?

In fact, the electronic products that can be seen now are all applied to embedded technology. Common rice cookers, refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, communication base station equipment, medical equipment, industrial control are all applied to embedded technology. It can be said that the development of current scientific and technological products is the development of embedded technology.

What is the employment prospect of embedded system

At present, there are a lot of embedded job requirements, such as MCU software and hardware engineer, Linux Driver Engineer, Android system engineer, DSP software engineer, FPGA Engineer, all of which can be divided into related posts of embedded technology.

The salary of these positions is generally higher with certain development experience. However, due to the different development difficulties, the salary of MCU engineers is the lowest in the embedded industry, and other DSP algorithm engineers, FPGA and Linux are relatively higher. Of course, the difficulty will be higher.

The application of embedded technology is very extensive, and the prospect is quite good. If there is no other better way to choose, can consider engaged in embedded development related work

Application fields and employment prospects of Embedded Technology

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