Among the outdoor positioning modules, Skylab’s GPS module and Beidou module are highly recognized by the market. Skg09d is especially favored by engineers. This article will analyze what attracts engineers to Beidou module skg09d.

Application of outdoor positioning module

Skg09d is composed of high-performance single chip and belongs to high-performance GNSS integrated solution module. It is applied to the input module of RF signal antenna and a complete serial data information and position, speed and time information in NMEA protocol or serial interface custom protocol. The reasons why skg09d attracts engineers will be analyzed in detail from the following points.

Beidou Positioning Module skg09d

1、 High precision:

The working principle of GPS system is to analyze the signal received from synchronous satellite, and its signal receiving sensitivity directly determines the positioning accuracy in the module performance parameters. The tracking sensitivity of Beidou Positioning Module skg09d is – 165dbm and the acquisition sensitivity is – 148dbm. Its extremely high tracking sensitivity greatly expands its positioning coverage. It can locate with high precision in places where ordinary GPS receiving modules cannot locate, such as narrow urban streets and dense jungles.

2、 Low power consumption:

In practical application, low power consumption makes the module easy to integrate into portable devices, such as navigator, mobile phone, camera and vehicle navigation system. Taking the smart phone we are familiar with as an example, endurance is also an important indicator to measure whether the mobile phone is excellent or not. There are too many power consuming programs in mobile phones, and the low-power positioning module has become the first choice for engineers. Skylab has developed several Ma level low-power positioning modules for the market pain point of low power consumption. Skg09d is one of them, and the power consumption value is 100mA.

3、 Small size:

Taking mobile phones as an example, although the size of smart phones is getting larger and larger, the space left for functional devices, protective devices and positioning modules is still limited, and some manufacturers even put forward the demand for smaller GPS modules. At present, Skylab’s mature GPS Beidou dual-mode positioning modules include skg09d, skg10d, skg12d and skg17d, of which the size of skg09d is the smallest. In Skylab’s GPS module, in addition to the skg08a used in intelligent wearing single GPS module, the multi-system navigation and positioning module skg09d (10.1 * 9.7 * 2.2 (mm)) is the deserved minimum size.

4、 Multimode selection:

Skg09d is a multi-mode positioning module. It can be a single Beidou module, a single GLONASS module, a GPS + Beidou module and a GPS + GLONASS module according to different burning procedures. Engineers can negotiate the burning procedure according to the actual positioning needs of products.

The Beidou multi-mode positioning module skg09d, which has many advantages such as high sensitivity, low power consumption and miniaturization, is difficult to attract engineers’ attention. At present, skg09d is widely used in positioning system LSB (locationbased service), portable navigation system PND (portable navigation device), mobile phone, vehicle navigation system, vehicle monitoring, tachograph, measurement and mapping, handheld devices and other products.

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