ZVL is an economical desktop vector network analyzer launched by Rohde & Schwarz. Different from other products on the market, ZVL has powerful expansion capabilities. In addition to traditional vector network analysis, ZVL can also perform full-featured spectrum analysis, noise figure analysis and signal demodulation analysis. ZVL is equipped with quasi-peak detector and EMI bandwidth, which can help customers to carry out EMI diagnosis and pre-compatibility testing. ZVL is the first choice for customers with limited budgets, whether it is in the development and finalization of the product or in the mass production stage.

main feature:

• There are three products in total with frequency ranges from 9kHz to 3GHz, 6GHz and 13.6GHz

• Full-featured vector network analysis functions: S-parameter, gain, VSWR, reflection coefficient, group delay, impedance, amplitude, phase, Smith chart, etc.

• Dynamic range up to 123dB

• Supports dead pixel testing and time domain analysis

• Software upgradeable spectrum analyzer, noise figure analysis, digital communication demodulation, EMI pre-compatibility, power meter host and other functions

• Standard signal demodulation bandwidth 20MHz

• Support multi-curve scanning and multi-screen display, can display 4 S-parameters at the same time

• Built-in electronic attenuator, can withstand DUT output power up to 27dBm

• Unique online help system that directly displays help information related to the current operation

• 6-fold UNDO/REDO function, even if misoperation occurs, it can be easily dealt with

• Optional battery power supply, suitable for field use

• Weighs only 7kg for easy portability

• Standard DVI output for external display, insight into every measurement detail

• WIN XP operating system, support USB/LAN interface, support keyboard and mouse operation, FIRMWARE free upgrade for life

Application areas:

• Development of RF devices and modules

• Production testing of RF products

• Maintenance of RF products

• Universities and research institutes

• wired TV internet

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