The GSP-800 series is a brand-new basic spectrum analyzer launched by Goodwell Electronics, which can support the frequency range of 8.0/3.8/1.SGHz at most. It provides the testing requirements of RF production crystals in the production/development stage.

GSP-800 series has a built-in 20dB amplifier, and provides an adjustable range of resolution bandwidth (RBW) from 10Hz-3MHz; in addition, it has AM/FM signal demodulation function, and ACPR/OCBW/CHPW channel test function, which can meet the requirements of general RF signals Measurement.

In addition, the built-in TImeSpec function of the GSP-800 series can simultaneously check and display the relationship between power, frequency and time; the bandwidth zoom function (ZoomIn/Out) can be used to check the spectral performance of the signal under different spans; the Limitline function It provides two different Limitline setting methods, WindowsMeasure and LimitlineMeasure. Users can use these functions to carry out a wider range of measurement applications.

In order to make the signal observation clearer, the GSP-800 series adopts a 10.4-inch large-size screen and supports SVGA (800×600) resolution; in the communication interface part, the GSP-800 series provides 7USB and LAN interfaces. Through USBHost, users can quickly capture the files stored after measurement, while USBDevice and LAN interface allow users to avoid control through exclusive PC software, or use the corresponding command set to design the required programs.

In addition, the GSP-800 series provides two optional equipments, namely TG and EMIFilter&Detector. Different from the previous models, customers do not need to send the equipment to the field if they want to select the equipment, but only need to purchase the corresponding software license (SoftwareKeycode ), you can turn on the purchased options, greatly improving the use efficiency except for the GSP-880TG.


• Frequency range: 9kHz~8.0/3.8/1.8GHz

• RBW:10Hz-3MHz,10Hz-500KHz,in1-10steps

• Sensitivity: [email protected], PreAmp

• Built-in AM/FM solution

• Built-in bandwidth scaling

• Built-in 2dB preamplifier

• Provide LAN, USB interface

• Screen: 10.4 inch SVCA output (split ratio 800×600)

• Optional: Signal Tracker, EMI Filter and Detector

Application range:

• Spectral characteristic inspection and analysis

• Analyze AM\FM signal characteristics

• Monitor satellite feeds from satellite news trucks

• Requires a compact test system

• Measure frequency response of RF cables, attenuators, filters and amplifiers

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