Meets Today’s AC/DC Current Measurement Applications

When used with the TCP312A, TCP305A or TCP303 probes, the TCPA300 amplifier provides a range of current measurement functions, bridging the gap between low current measurement products and ultra-high current measurement products. These three probes provide current measurement capabilities for 30A, 50A, and 150A continuous DC current. For higher current levels, the TCPA400 amplifier with the TCP404XL current probe can measure 500A and 750A continuous DC current with derating related to duty cycle. The TCP312A with TCPA300 achieves higher frequency performance, providing ≥100MHz bandwidth and up to 30A DC current.

Complete elimination of measurement errors and manual calculation work

This new line of current measurement tools provides automatic control and on-screen scale and units (DPO3000, MDO/MSO/DPO4000, MSO/DPO5000 and DPO7000 Series oscilloscopes, requires a TPA-BNC adapter). TCP300/TCP400 current measurement systems can be seamlessly integrated with TDS series oscilloscopes. Even non-TEKPROBE systems can use the TCPA300/400 series to perform the corresponding current measurement. The user only needs to multiply the output voltage measured on the oscilloscope by the TCPA300/400 series range setting value.

main feature:

• Automatic scaling and unit determination – amplitude and current readings on the oscilloscope screen reduce measurement errors by eliminating manual calculations

• AC/DC input coupling

• Low insertion impedance reduces DUT loading

• Split core structure, easy circuit connection

• Status indicators provide notification of virtual job status and potential error conditions

• Reduced DC drift and noise for improved low-level current measurements

• Third-party security certification

Main performance indicators: AC/DC measurement function

• DC-100MHz, current probe amplifier (TCPA300) use:

— DC-100MHz,30ADC(TCP312A)

— DC-50MHz,50ADC(TCP305A)


• DC-50MHz, current probe amplifier (TCPA400) use:

—DC-2MHz, 750ADC1 (TCP404XL) (500ADC continuous current)


•Development and analysis solutions for designers, installers and repairers in the telecommunications, datacom, computer and semiconductor power electronics and environmental industries:

• Power (switch and linear)

• Semiconductor devices (SCR, IGBT, MOSFET, CMOS, BJT)

• Power inverter/converter

• Electronic ballasts

• Industrial/Consumer Electronics

• Mobile communications (telephone, satellite, relay station)

• Motor drive

• Transportation systems (electric vehicles, electric trains, locomotives, avionics)

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