1. Excellent low illumination effect: in low illumination environment, the machine automatically switches from color picture to black-and-white picture at 1.77lux; When changing from black-and-white picture to color picture, the illumination is 3.42lux. In black-and-white mode, when the illuminance meter displays 0.001lux, the image brightness is good, the details are clear, and there is slight noise; In color mode, the illuminance meter displays 0.002lux, the image brightness is still very good, and the details are clear.

2. Intelligent fill light: the machine also supports IR fill light function. In this test, when the infrared fill light is turned on and the intelligent dimming function is enabled from a distance of 3-30m, the fill light of the picture is uniform, there is no sign of overexposure, and the front and rear scenes are not dark or bright. According to the manufacturer, the machine can realize the long-distance lighting application of 80m.

3. Wide dynamic: tc-nc9100s3e-mp-e-i8 supports the wide dynamic function of 100dB dynamic range. In the test, when the wide dynamic is turned off, the brightness of the lower scene with supplementary light is normal and the picture recognition is easy; However, if there is no fill light on the upper side, the picture is dark and almost invisible. After turning on the wide dynamic function, it is found that the video processing effect of the machine is very obvious, and the brightness of the lower picture does not change much, but the brightness of the originally dark area on the upper side is suitable for human eyes to watch, so it is very easy to identify the details of the object. In terms of the softness of the picture, the upper and lower pictures cannot be distinguished from the scenes with different brightness, and the wide dynamic processing is appropriate. In addition, the machine also supports backlight compensation, strong light suppression and other functions, which also has a good application effect.

4. Intelligent analysis: the machine supports a variety of intelligent analysis functions. In this test, the two functions of trip wire crossing and area intrusion are tested. In the test, from 5m to 30m, although the brightness of the front and rear scenes is inconsistent, the machine can accurately detect and feed back the behavior of triggering trip wire, and the sensitivity reaches 100%.

Product features:

1 / 3 inch 1.3 megapixel star CMOS sensor

The minimum illumination of color is 0.002lux

H. 264 supports high profile / main profile / base line encoding

16mm HD fixed focus lens, ICR dual filter switching

Infrared Antireflection design: 4 high-efficiency infrared arrays, 80m effective infrared distance

Support simultaneous output of three code streams, with the highest resolution of the main code stream [email protected]

Support intelligent analysis, including trip wire, perimeter and counting statistics

Support wide dynamic, backlight compensation, strong light suppression, 3D noise reduction and image flipping

Support corridor mode, fog penetration, digital anti shake and scene mode settings

Support time template settings

Dual core backup

Support ROI region of interest video compression technology

Support image overlay, IPv6, MTU settings, multicast, heartbeat, black and white list, SNMP

IP67 dustproof and waterproof design

Item 1 – clarity

Test limits: [email protected] 、25fps

Test results: 720p resolution reaches more than 750 lines and 960p resolution reaches 850 lines

Item 2 – color restoration

Test card detects image effect

Software analysis effect

Test limit: 6500k color temperature

Test results: the saturation and color deviation are within the range, and the color restoration degree is high.

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