Engineers can quickly find out the problem by using logic analyzer when measuring digital signals, and pregnant dragon logic analyzer provides a number of patented technologies, which can improve the work efficiency of engineers when developing products. In addition to the powerful digital signal analysis function, the user-friendly operation interface can also reduce the burden of operation. The complete online instructions can help users quickly get familiar with the operating environment.

When engineers use PC to complete the simulation of the circuit to be tested, they can directly measure the waveform of the circuit to be tested through gestron logic analyzer. Moreover, gestron technology logic analyzer supports about 40 kinds of special buses, such as CANbus, linbus and FlexRay in vehicle electronics, I2S, S / PDIF, PCM and st in digital audio, SPI, I2C and 1-wire in memory interface, and I2C in IC interface SSI, JTAG, microwire, USB1.1, LPC, UART, Manchester, PS / 2, SMBus, SD / mmccard in PC system, or other categories such as modbus, signalrf, HDQ, ccir656, IrDA, etc. The main function of the special bus module is to save the time of manual decoding when engineers analyze signals.

Application characteristics, advantages and application methods of based logic analyzer

How to use pregnant dragon logic analyzer

1. Set the memory depth. The logic analyzer provides 2K ~ 2mbits of memory depth for users to choose. The higher the memory depth is, the longer the signal can be stored.

2. Set the sampling frequency. The maximum sampling frequency of the logic analyzer is 400MHz. In order to ensure that the sampling error is too large, it is recommended that the sampling rate should be more than four times higher than the target to be tested.

3. Set the trigger conditions. The trigger conditions of the logic analyzer can be set as high level, low level, rising edge, falling edge and any edge. Setting the trigger conditions can make the signal of the logic analyzer start to record the signal waveform in a specific state and find out the analysis point more accurately.

4. Click the start button. When the conditions are set, you can click to start, and the logic analyzer software will enter the state of waiting for the signal. When the signal to be tested enters the logic analyzer and meets the trigger conditions, it will start to capture the waveform. ‘

The trigger level of pregnant Dragon Technology logic analyzer is preset with TTL, CMOS (5V), CMOS (3.3V), ECL, etc. it can also be operated through user-defined operation. It can be set from – 6V to + 6V in units of 0.1V. It can also face all kinds of digital signal measurement.

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