The automatic monitoring system of a sewage treatment plant is divided into two levels. The first level is the control management level (main control center) and the second level is the process control level (field control level). Due to the distance between the sewage treatment plant and the pump station, the real-time monitoring and automatic control of the sewage treatment process are realized by using the yt-pb-06k series products of mobile Chuanglian PROFIBUS optical fiber module.

Urban sewage treatment plants play an important role in the construction of ecological civilization, energy conservation and emission reduction. Due to the long distance of each station in the sewage treatment project, the greater impact of the external environment and the higher requirements for the communication capacity and stability of network equipment, industrial Ethernet switch has been more and more widely used in the communication transmission layer in this field.

Connection case


As shown in the figure,

1. PLC is connected to No. 1 OLM and DP slave station is connected to No. 2 OLM. During connection, observe the following indicators:

The DP connector of PLC is connected to the DP connection port of 1#olm. At this time, RXD of 1#olm is on (whether it is on or flashing depends on the baud rate of PROFIBUS).

2. Connect the optical fiber transmitting port of 1#olm to the optical fiber receiving port of 2#. At this time, OP1 (or op2, depending on the optical fiber port you select) and RTs of 2#olm are on. This indicates that 2#olm receives 1#olm’s signal and sends data to the bus module

3. When the bus module has data reply, 2#olm RXD is on.

Connect the optical fiber transmitting port of 2# to the optical fiber receiving port of 1# OLM. At this time, OP1 (or op2, depending on the optical fiber port you select) and RTs of 1# OLM are on.

4. At this time, the whole system is built successfully.

5. PROFIBUS optical fiber module yt-pb-06k series is an industrial PROFIBUS DP optical fiber module, with a maximum speed of 12m (optional) and baud rate adaptation. Standard PROFIBUS-DP interface, standard 35mm guide rail installation, dc9-30v wide voltage power supply.

6. PROFIBUS optical fiber transmission is one of the four physical transmission media recommended by the international standard IEC61158 type-3: PROFIBUS; Its main advantages are strong anti electromagnetic interference ability (non common ground, anti lightning), long-distance transmission (multi-mode optical fiber transmission distance 2km, single-mode optical fiber transmission distance 20km) and redundant transmission realized by ring topology. Yt-pb-06k series PROFIBUS optical fiber link module can be used for PROFIBUS optical fiber communication networking, with bus type, star type or ring network structure.

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