Automobiles consume about 40% of the world’s total oil production. Energy shortage (oil) and environmental protection have triggered the upsurge and direction of electric vehicle development and manufacturing.

What influences consumers’ decision-making and experience of purchasing electric vehicles?

The new infrastructure project after the epidemic is to solve the problem of electric vehicle charging, and the operation efficiency of electric vehicle drive system. The vehicle power battery is the power source of the vehicle, the battery power into the efficiency of the drive motor directly affects the range of electric vehicles, is particularly concerned!

Relevant test standards:

GB / T 29307-2012 reliability test method for driving motor system of electric vehicle

GB / T 18488.1-2015 electric vehicle drive motor system Part 1: technical conditions

GB / T 18488.2-2015 drive motor systems for electric vehicles Part 2: Test methods

Fluke’s new Norma 6000 portable power analyzer,

Small but powerful, help you light, the good news of testers!

Application case of fluke electric vehicle drive system detection

  • Built in lithium battery, can work continuously for 10 hours
  • be easy to carry about
  • Clear menu structure and connection guide in Chinese, easy to operate;
  • It can be equipped with 2000a AC / DC current clamp (80mm, 0.8%) and 1500V voltage measuring probe;
  • Cat IV 600V / cat III 1000V safety level, to protect personnel and equipment safety;
  • It can connect two computers and expand to 8 channels for communication and data synchronization

Provide professional testing and evaluation tools for motor, inverter or controller power supply and drive system manufacturers

  • R & D phase test: convenient for vehicle test, provide basis for R & D personnel to improve design and product performance!
  • Product qualification test before delivery: to ensure the quality of products for enterprises

Typical test scenarios and schemes:

1. Inverter or controller test

The application of electronic devices with high switching speed in power supply brings great challenges to broadband measurement technology. The instrument needs to meet the following performance requirements:

Application case of fluke electric vehicle drive system detection

Norma 6004 inverter test:

Application case of fluke electric vehicle drive system detection

2. Motor test Norma 6004 +

Application case of fluke electric vehicle drive system detection

3. Electric vehicle drive system test

Test requirements:

  • Measurement of DC power supply, u, I, P
  • Charging and discharging characteristics of battery
  • PWM complex signal measurement of inverter output, u, I, P, waveform recording and harmonic analysis, inverter efficiency test
  • Drive motor efficiency test, mechanical drive efficiency test, can simultaneously measure the speed and torque changes, real-time calculation of mechanical power and transmission efficiency

Test plan:

Application case of fluke electric vehicle drive system detection

The electric vehicle wireless charging technology is to transmit the electric energy to the vehicle receiving end electric energy pickup mechanism in the form of high-frequency alternating magnetic field through the power supply rail buried under the ground, and then supply power to the on-board energy storage equipment. It can make the electric vehicle carry a small amount of battery pack, achieve the effect of reducing weight and extending its driving range, and at the same time, the electric energy supply becomes more safe Convenient.

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