As a systematic content, fire safety is a complex composed of many factors such as national policy, science and technology, social consciousness and public behavior. It is an important focus to deepen the development of public service function in the construction of smart city. With the improvement of public safety awareness in the process of social development and the rapid development of science and technology in the field of fire safety, the scientific and innovative development in the field of fire protection has gradually become the mainstream concept and trend. In recent years, the market-oriented development of alarm service has made the fire alarm industry a new field and business form in development. How to integrate the market-oriented alarm service with the public fire safety service, so as to create a seamless and efficient cooperative fire alarm service system, is the focus of the development of the fire alarm industry in the construction of smart city.

For a long time, alarm is the key link for the timely transmission and use of fire safety information, and it is also the basic condition to ensure the scientific development of fire protection. With the gradual improvement of social development on fire safety requirements, the requirements of alarm are becoming higher and higher. Based on this, exploring and realizing the new application of alarm service in the field of fire protection has become the prominent direction and content of optimizing the development of fire alarm industry.

Application of intelligent alarm service in fire protection field

Artificial intelligence technology is an emerging technology in the research, development and application of fire protection in the construction of smart city. It is also an important technology for the intelligent development of fire protection. With the increasing demand for fire safety and the increasing requirements for fire safety, it is a breakthrough in the construction of modern urban fire protection system to timely find, identify and report fire hazard information through intelligent equipment, so as to create an efficient connection between alarm and alarm disposal in fire safety.

Based on the contradiction between the increasing demand of the alarm service market and the insufficient supply of alarm service by the government fire safety department, some enterprises put forward the content of intelligent alarm service, that is, providing personalized alarm service for the public through the provision of intelligent alarm service, and providing reliable alarm information for the fire safety department to realize the intelligent operation of fire alarm service. For example, with the support of Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, some cities have developed urban fire remote monitoring system. Units or individuals access the system through the installation of intelligent alarm service equipment, and conduct security distribution in specific areas through intelligent early warning mode. Once a security event occurs, The system will transmit relevant information to the main body through alarm at the first time, and start the intelligent fire protection solution to ensure that the alarm can be handled scientifically and effectively.

Application of market-oriented alarm service in fire protection field

Although the traditional alarm service mainly provided by the government has obvious advantages in authority and publicity, due to the shortage of fire rescue resources, it shows obvious insufficient supply in alarm service, and is easy to cause the abuse of fire resources. In recent years, the alarm service operation mode based on market-oriented subjects such as enterprises has gradually become a “rookie” in the development of fire alarm industry through its integration and utilization advantages in fire alarm resources. In order to better meet the needs of public fire alarm services, market-oriented alarm services are constantly refining their division of labor to meet the requirements of fine development in the field of fire protection.

For example, in view of the personalized needs of some places and fields such as street shops, high-rise buildings and medical and health institutions in alarm services, three types of market-oriented enterprise forms (see Figure 1) with equipment provision, solution provision and service operation as the main contents have gradually emerged in the fire alarm service market, complementing advantageous resources through division of labor, So as to improve the scientific development of fire alarm service.

Application and Realization of new application of alarm service in fire protection field

Figure 1 market oriented alarm service provider and its functional division

Compared with the traditional alarm service, the market-oriented alarm service effectively connects the scattered social alarm service resources through the main line of fire alarm service, which makes up for the shortage of the government in the supply of alarm service and promotes the development and application of advanced technology in alarm service.

Application of big data alarm service in fire protection field

The application of big data in smart city construction provides realistic conditional support for its integration in alarm services. For the intelligent alarm service platform, the important basis for alarm service lies in the collection, sorting and analysis of system data information. At the same time, the operation of intelligent fire protection system including intelligent alarm service needs a large number of effective key fire safety data as support, and the main source of these data lies in the daily operation and processing of fire safety facilities. Based on this, the development and utilization of alarm service big data platform has become a new direction and goal in the development of fire alarm industry.

In the current alarm service in the field of fire protection, the artificial intelligence system will judge the fire safety status of a specific area by extracting and analyzing a large number of fire safety key data obtained from the alarm service equipment, including building data, distribution data of fire-fighting facilities, basic data of fire-fighting facilities, fault data of fire-fighting facilities and maintenance data, And report the potential safety hazards or fire safety events that have occurred, so that the system can take corresponding alarm service measures.

Application of popular alarm service in fire protection field

Driven by the intelligent, big data and market-oriented application of alarm services, popular service content has gradually become another normal application of alarm services in the field of fire protection. In view of the needs of a large number of families, individuals and other public in alarm services, as well as the actual situation of alarm service operators, some enterprises have proposed new alarm service projects with the help of scientific and technological innovation and mode optimization, so as to provide normalized and practical alarm services for the public. In order to meet the market demand, enterprises develop platforms such as “Huichuan life” from the perspective of life, build interactive links between visual alarm system and alarm platform, merchants and consumers, and open the channel for alarm service operators to realize the life of alarm service, So that more families and individuals can choose the corresponding alarm service according to their own needs.

For example, the 360 surveillance camera developed by the enterprise provides users with multiple performance alarm service products such as panorama, ultra clear, infrared night vision, two-way voice call, custom cruise and intelligent mobile tracking, so that the alarm service can enter thousands of households and meet various needs of family fire safety.

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