When winter comes, the indoor air becomes extremely dry, the water in the human body will be easily lost, and the supply of epidermal water will be relatively reduced. Being in this environment all the time will make the skin dry, yellow, rough and smooth. Therefore, many people choose to use humidifier to increase air humidity. The water mist released by the humidifier can nourish the skin, which is conducive to the alternation of human metabolism and protect people’s skin from damage.

Nowadays, humidifier has become the choice of many families and one of the most popular household appliances. It can not only improve the humidity of indoor air, but also prevent air drying. During the operation of the humidifier, it will continue to emit some water mist around, so that the dust and smoke particles contained in the air will naturally accumulate.

In general, the humidity at home is best kept between 30% and 50%. Many people buy humidifiers, rarely adjust the humidity, and directly open them to the maximum, which greatly reduces the function of humidifiers. Excessive indoor humidity will lead to a large number of bacteria, dust mites and molds, cause respiratory discomfort and decline of immunity, and endanger our health.

In view of this situation, simply put, the air humidity can be roughly judged through the senses: if you feel dry skin, itchy eyes, dry nose and throat, the air humidity may be too low; If you feel chest tightness and there is condensed water vapor on the wall and floor, it may be too wet. At this time, you need to stop using the humidifier and open the window correctly for ventilation.

However, the most professional way to judge the humidity situation is to use the humidity sensor, which can reflect the monitored humidity value in a specific form. You can judge whether the air humidity exceeds the standard according to the standard value of air humidity. Syh-2r from syhitech, Korea is a resistive polymer humidity sensor. The storage humidity range is less than 95% RH. There will be no condensation. It is suitable for humidifiers.

In addition, Xiaobian reminds you that when the humidifier works, the, bacteria, metal ions and other impurities in the water and the impurities in the bacteria will also be dispersed into the air together with the water mist. If the humidifier faces the face or is too close to the human head, fine particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns will pass through the barrier of the human respiratory system and reach the interior of the alveoli, resulting in respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is better not to put the humidifier in front of people. It will be better to keep a little distance away.


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