Viavismartpocket light source series products (ols-34, ols-35 and ols-36) have excellent cost performance and can provide laser diode stable light sources with up to four wavelengths. Ols-3x is an ideal auxiliary tool for olp-3x to measure optical loss, test the connectivity of multi-mode data communication network and LAN, single-mode Telecom and cable TV multimedia network.

Application advantages and scope of viavi smartpocket light source series products


Rugged, pocket design

Large display with easy-to-use interface

Up to 4 wavelengths (850 / 1300 / 1310 / 1550 nm) in one component unit

Fixed or replaceable connectors for maximum flexibility

Automatic wavelength and twintest transmission mode


Ols-34 is specially designed for LAN / WAN access networks and enterprise 850 / 1300 nm multimode networks.

Ols-35 covers all standard 1300 / 1550 nm single-mode telecommunications network applications

Ols-36 is a four wavelength solution that integrates multimode and single-mode wavelengths into one product

Main features:

Microusb interface for power supply

One output port, 2 wavelengths can be set

3-year calibration cycle

It can be used as part of the smartpocket fiber test suite

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