1、 Programme background

In recent years, terrorist attacks and extreme violence have occurred frequently, resulting in huge loss of personal and property safety and significant social and economic impact. With the continuous expansion of the city scale and the increasingly complex social situation, the contradiction between the limited security resources and the growing demand of the society is becoming increasingly prominent, which leads to the great challenge of urban safety.

The problems of traditional security inspection are as follows

Visual fatigue: the security check-in personnel need to be replaced every 15-20 minutes.

Vulnerable to interference: noisy environment, chatting, playing mobile phone, being consulted, emotion, illness, etc.

Data out of Sync: security data out of sync, once a security incident occurs, it is impossible to report and arrange the police force at the first time.

Difficult data traceability: the data of the security inspection machine is not connected to the Internet, which makes it difficult to trace the data, and the follow-up investigation and tracking are difficult to carry out.

Data value is not mined: a large number of security inspection data are stored locally, without unified archiving and analysis, and resources cannot be used effectively.

2、 Overall solution advantages

Comprehensive application of X-ray imaging technology (security machine), intelligent recognition technology (Hunter intelligent security server), ultra wideband pulse microwave reflection technology (desktop drug and explosive detector), photoionization high resolution ion mobility spectrometry technology (desktop liquid detector), electromagnetic compatibility design and anti vibration design technology (security door), metal detection (handheld metal detector), etc Advanced technology, effective prevention and control of knives, guns and ammunition, flammable and corrosive articles, explosives and other dangerous contraband, a powerful deterrent to terrorists and extremists.

Real time collection and intelligent identification of X-ray images, portraits, video surveillance and other information of passengers’ carry on luggage, and storage, timely reporting in case of security threats, which can be used for investigation and analysis afterwards. The security inspection data of each information island are collected to the central management platform for big data analysis, which provides data support for the reasonable arrangement of security inspection and police officers.

3、 Dahua smart security comprehensive solution

Application advantages and scheme design of Dahua smart security inspection system

According to the characteristics of various industries, effectively manage the security information and real-time status of each security check point. Through the information linkage between the command center and each security check point, realize the three-dimensional monitoring and unified management of security check.

Product introduction

Dahua xis6000 series X-ray security inspection machine

Xis6000 series X-ray security inspection machine adopts the world’s top X-ray imaging technology, uses dual energy material resolution technology, according to the effective atomic number of the tested object, distinguishes organic matter, inorganic matter and mixture, and gives different colors on the image, which is convenient for operators to identify and judge the image. For various industries in the city, the xis6000 series contains a variety of products with different channel sizes, which can be flexibly selected according to different needs.

Dahua xis5000 series security gate

The xis5000 series security doors adopt the world’s advanced electromagnetic compatibility design and anti vibration design to realize the metal detection hidden in the human body, and can detect magnetic, non-magnetic, alloy and other metals. It has ultra-high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and anti-seismic ability, and is suitable for the safety inspection of controlled knives, guns and other dangerous goods.

Dahua xis4000 series handheld metal, explosive and liquid detectors

With the characteristics of small volume, fast analysis and simple operation, xis4000 series can quickly identify dangerous contraband such as controlled appliances, flammable and explosive liquids, explosives and drugs without contacting the goods to be inspected.

Dahua xis3000 series explosion proof equipment

The xis3000 series is made of world advanced materials, which can effectively prevent the horizontal spread of shock wave and debris generated by explosive explosion, so as to avoid the injury to the surrounding people, as well as the damage to valuable instruments, cultural relics archives and special public places.

Dahua xis2000 series desktop testing equipment

The xis2000 series does not contain any radioactive source, and has no radiation harm to human body. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high detection sensitivity, low power consumption, convenient movement, easy maintenance, strong adaptability to use environment and requirements, etc.

Dahua xis7000 Hunter series – intelligent security server

Dahua dh-xis7012r-v pursuer intelligent security server is a new form of intelligent security server independently developed by Dahua Co., Ltd. based on Embedded Linux operating system. It is used in combination with domestic well-known brands of security machines. Through the deep learning algorithm, it can accurately identify the contraband and automatically alarm, and realize the intelligent upgrade of the traditional security machine.

Dahua xis8000 Hunter series – intelligent security inspection machine

Xis8000 series intelligent security inspection machine is a new generation of intelligent identification and multi energy X-ray inspection equipment developed and manufactured by Dahua Co., Ltd. The product’s performance parameters have reached the world’s first-class level, with high-definition image, strong penetration, high-resolution and powerful material identification function. The deep learning algorithm is used to analyze the real-time bag passing video, and structurally display the items in the bag, so as to more effectively identify dangerous goods and contraband.

Introduction to the platform

Center management platform, real-time receiving contraband alarm and linkage scene video recording, real-time control security scene. At the same time, it can capture and compare the faces of the people who have passed the contract, realize the integration of the person and the contract, and alarm the suspected person, which effectively combines the traditional physical inspection with the human inspection. The platform also has the function of data statistics and analysis. Through the statistics of daily package data, the quantity of packages and dangerous goods can be analyzed, which can provide auxiliary information for the deployment of security personnel and police officers, and realize the intelligent management of security inspection.

software interface

Brief introduction of algorithm

Core technology | deep learning + structured data display

By collecting the X-ray image information of the actual package of the security inspection machine, the learning samples of cutting tools, bottled liquid and other items are formed. Through the learning convergence of the deep learning model, the features of the items are automatically identified, and finally the structured data of the items are formed for display.

Applicable scenarios

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