At present, Apple has officially issued an invitation letter for the autumn new product launch. As the invited domestic media, it home will bring you more fresh and first-hand information about the launch. According to the exposed news, apple is likely to release the new Apple watch series 4 products at the press conference.

▲ the left is a screenshot of the new dial, and the right is a screenshot of the latest watch OS dial

Before the press conference, the developer Guilherme Rambo took the lead in releasing a screenshot of the new aw4 dial, which is no different from the dial in the rendering image exposed by 9to5mac before.

According to the exposed screenshot, we can directly see 9 modules on the dial, including timer, temperature, schedule, date, apple music, fitness record, etc., which are far more functional than the dial in the latest system version.

In addition, according to the news this morning, the screen resolution of aw4 is 384 × 480 pixels.


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