Recently, according to foreign media appleworld, Apple has applied for a patent (No. 20190075689) for “thermal regulation of head mounted display”. The purpose is to keep the upcoming Apple glasses comfortable for a long time.

Apple's new patent exposure will be used for thermal adjustment of head mounted display

In the patent application, apple pointed out that the components contained in the head mounted display can generate heat. Users can obviously feel the heat generated by the display when using the head mounted display, which will reduce the user’s experience of using the display. So the head mounted display Apple wants is a thermal conditioning component that can reduce heat levels and increase the user experience.

Earlier, apple said it was expected to launch an augmented reality / virtual reality helmet mounted display (HMD) called “Apple glasses” as early as next year . head mounted displays such as virtual reality glasses use lenses to display images for users. Micro displays can create images for each user’s eyes. A lens can be placed between each user’s eye and a part of the micro display so that users can view virtual reality content.

It is expected that Apple may launch Apple glasses with “head mounted display thermal adjustment” as early as next year. I wonder if it is an apple glasses with AR and thermal regulation. Let’s wait and see!

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