Optical fiber is known for its fast propagation speed, but due to manufacturing costs and compatibility issues, this technology has not yet been popularized in the consumer market. Apple integrates commonly used conductive materials and optical fibers into a single connector, enabling simultaneous transmission of electronic and optical signals.

In the last few weeks, we have seen Apple constantly striving for its own patent and trademark issues. We have received news that Apple obtained two patents yesterday, which show that the company may be bringing optical fiber connection system for IOS devices. These two patents are named “optical connection of devices” and “hybrid optical connector”, which can transmit electrical signals and optical signals through optical fiber cables, And the patent is likely to be used in the future iPhone 6.

Fiber optic transmission speed is very fast, but the technology has not been applied to the consumer market because of its high cost and low compatibility.

Apple's new patent exposure, iPhone may use hybrid fiber optic connector

Compared with optical fiber, the traditional electric to transmission mode is widely used. In the patent, apple tried to combine the advantages of the two technologies and put forward a solution with simplicity and high compatibility. Basically, the technology mentioned in the patent is more advanced than the existing technology. The connector mentioned in the patent can transmit both electrical and optical signals at the same time.

In addition to being compatible with older devices through adapters, the use of electrical signal cables can also provide power, a feature that optical fiber does not have. The patent calls this hybrid system “electro optical”.

According to the patent, the receiving lens is a parabolic concentrator that collects light from a photodiode on the mobile device to which it is sent. This setting allows larger diameter fibers, about 200 to 500 microns, which in turn provides greater tolerance correspondence. For comparison, the thunderbolt link protocol uses two 62.5 micron fibers.


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