Apple’s new MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charging technology, the added value of wireless charging naked high, broaden the entire wireless charging broad future and imagination.

On October 14, apple held a global online conference. All the iPhone 12 series released at the conference were equipped with the new MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charging technology, and the wireless charging experience of Apple mobile phone was improved from 7.5W to 15W.

MagSafe magnetic wireless charger with magnet and iPhone 12 internal magnet attract each other, close to the transmitter coil and receiver coil can be automatically aligned, firm adsorption after the transmission of energy across the air.

MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charger has its own power supply cable. A TPE cable is extended from the metal base, and the interface is a new usb-c plug. Users can enjoy the wireless fast charging experience of up to 15W with usbpd fast charger.

Apple's MagSafe technology will usher in the peak of wireless charging market in the next three years

Disassembly drawing of MagSafe magnetic wireless charger

Since the release of the iPhone x supporting 7.5W wireless charging in 2017, the power has not been increased, and the airpower supporting the mobile phone at that time has not been officially commercialized due to efficiency, cost and other reasons.

On March 29 last year, apple officially abandoned airpower wireless charger. On the same day, Dan Riccio, senior vice president of Apple’s hardware engineering, issued a statement saying, “after efforts, apple finally came to the conclusion that airpower could not meet our high standards, so we cancelled the project.” “We still think of the future as wireless and are committed to driving the wireless experience forward,” he said

Since then, Apple has not given up wireless charging, but has played more tricks in wireless charging. It has not only launched a number of wireless charging products, but also become a paid accessory for Apple’s new machine. To achieve 15W wireless charging power, it must use the original MagSafe accessories. The price of Apple’s official website is 329 yuan.

It also launched a paid supporting product magnetic suction protective shell for wireless charging equipment. If you don’t want to affect the magnetic suction function while wearing the shell, the original magnetic suction protective shell prepared by Apple costs 399 yuan, which is also not cheap.

Apple’s move can be described as a naked increase in the added value of wireless charging.

The world is bustling for profit; the world is bustling for profit. As an important wind vane of global mobile phone technology development, wireless charging is influenced by apple, the top stream “opinion leader”, and the broad future and imagination space of wireless charging are becoming more and more clear.

The analysis points out that the technology of wireless charging scheme in the current market is already very mature, but some manufacturers have not achieved higher wireless charging efficiency due to safety, stability and comprehensive situation of mobile phones. With the cancellation of power adapter charging head and the release of MagSafe wireless charging function, Apple will further accelerate the wireless charging of mobile phones this year The essence of charging applications.

In the time when Apple has stagnated in the charging field, Huawei, Xiaomi and other domestic smartphone giants have made concerted efforts. The reporter reviewed the achievements of Huawei, Xiaomi and oppo in wireless charging in recent three years.

Huawei has launched mobile phones supporting 15W, 27W and 40W wireless charging, Xiaomi has launched mobile phones supporting 10W, 30W and 50W wireless charging, and oppo has launched mobile phones supporting 40W and 65W wireless charging this year.

Driven by the mobile phone market, the application scenarios of wireless charging will be broader, and its advantages can be maximized in the fields of consumer electronics, automobile and wearable devices.

Wireless charging industry mainly involves transmitter and receiver. The receiver is divided into five parts: scheme design, power chip, magnetic material, transmission coil and module manufacturing. At the same time, it drives the development of wireless charging automation equipment and other sub industries.

Domestic enterprises mainly occupy the manufacturing link of magnetic materials and modules, among which magnetic materials account for 21% of the whole wireless charging cost, accounting for more than 50% of the material cost, and module manufacturing link accounts for less than 10% of the industrial chain cost.

Shunluo electronics, Hengdian dongci, Lucent precision, Tanaka Seiji and other enterprises are important jigsaw puzzles in the upstream of the wireless charging industry chain. These enterprises have successively cooperated or negotiated with apple and its suppliers. It is reported that in terms of wireless charging, Hengdian dongci, Tiantong, helitai and other companies mainly involve in magnetic materials, shunluo electronics and Dongshan precision have layout transmission coils, Lucent precision and shuobaid involve modules, and Tanaka precision mainly produces winding machines.

Previously, the reporter learned through the industry chain that Apple placed an order for 180 million pieces of magnetic chips at the wireless charging receiving end to the supplier at one time. A global mobile phone manufacturer placed an order at one time, and the magnetic chip is also in the unit of 100 million.

VentureBeat, a technology media, believes that through first-party and third-party products, MagSafe can stimulate new interest in wireless charging solutions for Apple users and the entire mobile industry.

According to the report of Soochow securities, it is estimated that by 2022, the wireless penetration rate of smart phones will reach 60%, and the wireless charging scheme of wearable devices will become the mainstream, and the penetration rate will reach 70%. On the other hand, smart phones and wearable devices will increase in volume in the next three years. The wireless charging market is expected to release great potential in the next three years.

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