The first apple car is the new version released and will not be designed to operate with drivers, according to CNBC, citing anonymous sources with apple. “These will be driverless electric vehicles designed to run without a driver and focus on the last mile,” a person familiar with the matter said

CNBC speculates that the original applecars could be designed for the food distribution business and companies that use robots. Self driving will be sold in China. In the United States, waymo and other companies have tested the public robot unmanned driving program. Many auto manufacturers working on autonomous driving technology are also planning to offer robotaxi services.

The latest news about Apple’s goal of producing driverless cars appears in a broader report, which indicates that apple is about to finalize a “Apple car” deal with Hyundai subsidiary Kia, echoing several other reports suggesting a deal is brewing between Hyundai and apple.

CNBC proposes that under the terms of the agreement, “applecar” will be produced at the Kia assembly plant at West Point, Georgia. However, no agreement has been reached so far. Apple can decide to cooperate fully with another automobile manufacturer or choose a secondary partner with Hyundai.

According to CNBC sources, apple decided to establish a partnership with Hyundai Kia because the deal allows apple to connect with an established automaker capable of producing cars in North America. Hyundai Kia is also willing to let Apple control the “Apple car” software and hardware. Apple plans to develop a complete Apple brand car instead of a Kia model including Apple software. Hyundai Kia executives believe that working with Apple will allow them to speed up their plans for autonomous driving and electric cars.

It is said that Apple’s goal is to put “Apple car” into production by 2024, although the schedule may be delayed because “Apple car” work is still in an early stage. It will take five to seven years to prepare for the launch of “Apple car,” according to a recent statement by Bloomberg, while Apple analyst Guo Mingqi said this week that he expected to see “Apple car” as early as 2025.

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