It remains to be seen whether Apple will bring the so-called headphone airpods studio at the end of the year. However, the latest disclosure says that airpods 3 is progressing in an orderly manner and will be released as scheduled in March next year.

Unlike the “toothpaste squeezing” minor modification of airpods 2, the shape of airpods 3 will usher in a new design.

Of course, the new model is compared with the iterative old model, but compared with the airpods pro, it may not be possible to talk about it, because the shape of the two models will be relatively similar, including shortening the earphone handle and adopting the in ear design.

However, the airpods 3 will not add the active noise reduction function, so it can maintain a relatively appropriate price. For experienced users, they can also expect further upgrading of sound quality and battery life.

It should be noted that guomingfu, the great God of analysis, disclosed that airpods 3 was postponed to April to June next year, but this disclosure denied the above statement.

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