At this week’s apple conference, the iPhone 12 series became the absolute and only protagonist. Previously, rumors of so-called headphones, airtags tracker, new Mac and so on all disappeared.

Among them, the MAC product line is said to be released on November 17, running the applesilicon processor (a14x?).

Apple's air pods headset will be delayed until March 2021

As for wearing headphones, according to Jon Prosser, a good source of information, it may be postponed to March 16 next year.

Earlier, Prosser disclosed that the production of air pods studio had encountered certain difficulties, and apple even temporarily decided to remove some planned features.

According to the current exposure rendering, air pods studio uses square earmuffs with wide headband. It is said that it supports active noise reduction, wear detection, high-end sound effects, etc. in addition to a variety of audio and sensor chips, it also integrates ultra wideband transmission (UWB) chip U1. The starting price may be $349 (about 2345 yuan), and some customized versions may be $599.

In addition, after the continuous enrichment of airpods product line, beats acquired in 2014 seems to be more and more embarrassed, the technology has been digested almost, and the final fate may be gradually fading.

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