Apple’s self-developed chips have always attracted much attention. Whether the new MacBook Pro is equipped with a 3nm chip or a 5nm chip has always been under speculation. Previously, according to TSMC’s plan analysis, some analysts believed that the new MacBook Pro may still be equipped with a 5nm chip.

But now there are reports that TSMC plans to start mass production of 3nm chips later this year, or September. You must know that the old rival Samsung announced on June 30 that it has achieved 3-nanometer mass production, and now the two are in strong competition. If TSMC really starts mass production of 3nm chips in September, it should be the first to use Apple’s latest MacBook Pro.

A report from Taiwan’s “Business Times” said that TSMC will start producing 3nm chips for Apple by the end of 2022, and Apple’s first 3nm chips may be the M2 Pro chips for Macs.

Samsung’s 3nm chips are directly based on the new “GAAFET” architecture technology, while TSMC’s 3nm chips still use the old “FinFET” technology. There must be a very important consideration here is yield and cost. TSMC’s strategy should be to reuse previously mature and stable technologies to make products more stable and yield higher, and to better control costs, while also gaining more time to design and optimize the GAA transistor architecture. .

Based on this, people in the industry believe that if TSMC’s first batch of 3nm chips for the new MacBook Pro goes into mass production this year, then Apple will use TSMC’s 3nm chips for the first time in the second half of the year, and the most likely first product is the M2 Pro processor. Next year, including the new A17 processor and M3 series processors, will use TSMC 3nm chips.

Of course, don’t think about this year’s Apple 14 series mobile phones. There is no rush at all. The industry expects that Apple will officially hold the Apple Autumn Conference on September 7. The current Apple 14 series mobile phones are estimated to be ready for release at Foxconn. Already on Foxconn’s assembly line, no matter why TSMC’s 3nm chips are in no hurry to be mounted on Apple’s 14 series mobile phones.

And TSMC will also launch an upgraded version of the N3E process next year, that is, the 3nm Enhanced version, which will further improve performance, reduce power consumption, and expand the scope of applications. Presumably, we will see more products equipped with 3nm chips.

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