According to foreign media reports, recently, a government document from the Eurasian Economic Commission showed that apple is currently preparing six new smart watch models, which are expected to be officially released in the near future.

According to the contents of the document, the regional scope of these equipment applications is mainly concentrated in several Eastern European countries, including Russia.

Except for model serial numbers a1977, a1978, a1975, a1976, a2007 and A2008, the relevant documents do not disclose much detail.

However, it is rumored that at this stage, the smart watch developed by Apple adopts a larger display screen and better sensors than before, and also improves the battery life.

You know, since the first device came into the market in 2015, there has been no new change in the hardware design of Apple smart watch. Therefore, if the rumors about the larger screen smart watch are true, this year is likely to witness the update and upgrading of its smart watch.

As we all know, since 2012, Apple has launched a new iPhone every year at the new product launch in September. In the past two years, it has also launched two new smart watch models.

According to the prediction of company observers, this year’s all new iPhone launch may be held on September 12. Of course, the specific date has not yet been officially announced.

However, with the documents of the Eurasian Economic Commission, we can basically confirm that Apple plans to launch a new smart watch model next month. Because before the release of the new iPad and iPhone, there were similar files.

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