For apple, they are brewing a new wave of new products, and these new products have one thing in common, that is, the screen will usher in a big update, that is, to replace the miniled screen.

According to the latest report given by Guo Mingxu, an analyst at Tianfeng international, who is known as Apple’s first brother, Apple will launch a wave of new products with miniled screen, including a new iPad pro and two new MacBook Pro.

Apple will launch new products with mini LED screens next year

According to the report, Apple’s shipment of miniled products is significantly better than expected, with an estimated 350% and 450% in 2021 and 2022, reaching 10 – 12 million units and 25 – 28 million units.

Guo also revealed that two new design MacBook Pro models in 2021 and the lower priced new MacBook Air in 2022 will adopt miniled panels. MacBook’s miniled adoption rate and shipment growth are better than iPad series products. It is expected that MacBook will be the main driving force of miniled panel shipment.

In addition to the above new products, Apple will launch two or three new chargers in 2021.

Finally, Guo also pointed out that due to the adoption of applesilicon and new design, macbook’s annual shipment is expected to grow significantly by about 100% in three years, that is, to 30-35 million units.

The new iPad pro with miniled screen will be equipped with a14x chip, built-in Qualcomm’s snapdragon x55 modem, support mmwave millimeter wave and sub-6ghz, and will be replaced with a14x processor with 5nm manufacturing process, as well as at least 6GB of memory.

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