On December 18, according to the latest report of Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Apple will launch a new iPhone se 2 phone in the first quarter of 2020. The price is set at $399, about 2828 yuan. Some analysts predict that this phone will sell 30 million to 40 million units in 2020.

According to Guo Mingyu’s analysis, the iPhone se 2 may use the same A13 chip as the iPhone 11 with 3gb ram, and 64GB and 128GB versions are available for storage; However, 3D touch and face ID are not supported. It is worth mentioning that the iPhone se 2 may adopt the same appearance as the iPhone 8, with a screen size of 4.7 inches. The back of the fuselage is designed with a glass back cover to support wireless charging. There will also be three colors of space gray, silver and red.

In addition, Guo mingpeng also said that the upcoming iPhone se 2 will become a new choice for iPhone 6 mobile phone users. Because the iPhone 6 series cannot be upgraded to Apple’s new system, phone 6 series mobile phone users need a mobile phone with a new processor, and the new iPhone se 2 can just meet it.

It is understood that the iPhone Se series is an entry-level mobile phone developed by apple. After the first iPhone se is launched, it is loved by many users, and the upcoming new iPhone se is also concerned by many consumers.

Apple’s press conference held on September 11 was very successful. Although the appearance and configuration of the iPhone 11 had been almost exposed before, and there was no big surprise when the iPhone 11 was officially released, many people were stunned because the starting price of the iPhone 11 was 5499 yuan. After all, last year’s “cheap version” The starting price of the iPhone XR is 6499 yuan. So when we saw the price of 5499, we immediately changed our mouth and fell into the “true fragrance” law, indicating to buy. Soon, the pre-sale of iphone11 exceeded one million in just a few days. At present, the 64GB version of iphone11 has been sold out and cannot be pre sold. It seems that Apple’s strategy has succeeded. After the price reduction of iPhone XR last year, the sales volume rose steadily, selling 20 million units, becoming the sales champion in the first half of 2019. This year’s iPhone 11 is priced lower than the iPhone XR. I wonder if it will become the sales champion again?

Apple will release a new iPhone in the spring of 2020. The new iPhone will be a small screen flagship, probably the second generation of iPhone se. Subsequently, I also saw the apple care + plan for the second generation of iPhone Se on Apple’s official website. It seems that the second generation of iPhone se is really coming.

The new iPhone se II will still be a banged screen in appearance, but the screen will be smaller. The classic circular volume key design on the iPhone 5 has been used on the iPhone se II, with aluminum alloy middle frame and glass body. On the whole, there is the shadow of iPhone4, iphone5 and iPhone X. these three mobile phones are all classics in the history of iPhone development, I wonder if the classic home will return? In this way, the new machine is more like a tribute to Apple’s own products in the past. It integrates the user’s favorite design and is the biggest feedback to old users. Apple still hasn’t forgotten its roots.

There is only one camera in the new machine. Now the number of lenses of iphone11 Pro has reached three. One camera represents that the price of iPhone se II will be lower. In terms of processor, the second generation of iPhone se will be equipped with Apple’s latest A13 chip, and the performance is still very strong. Jobs once said that 3.5 inches is the most suitable screen size for mobile phones. Now, the smallest screen of iPhone has reached 5.8 inches. It seems that the era of small screen has been completely eliminated. However, the small screen has the advantages of a small screen. The small screen can be operated with one hand better. You can click any position of the screen with one hand, which is a very good experience for non game users. This is also the greatest significance of the existence of small screens.

Now the size of the iPhone is getting bigger and bigger, which makes people miss the original small steel gun magic iPhone se. The excellent volume held by one hand and the strong configuration are really unforgettable. Unfortunately, Apple has never launched a follow-up model of iPhone se since 2016. This wait is four years. However, heaven pays off the painstaking people. The iPhone se2 we are thinking about may not be far away.

Famous analyst Guo Mingyi brought us news about iPhone se2. IPhone se2 will be built based on iPhone 8, and the appearance design and 4.7-inch size will be continued. In this way, the touch ID is naturally used, and it will not be equipped with two or three cameras. But not surprisingly, the specifications of the camera of iPhone se2 will be consistent with that of iPhone 11, so the shooting experience will not be much different. As a “small steel gun” model, the iPhone se2 is also equipped with A13 bionic chip and 3gb lpddr4x RAM (4GB for iPhone 11 series).

Guo Mingyu said that the iPhone se2 will be released at the spring press conference in March 2020 as soon as possible, and the price will be considerable, which is cheaper than the iPhone 11. It is used to replace the iPhone 8 model and stimulate the desire of some old users to change machines.

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