Since Apple introduced the mini LED screen into the iPad pro and MAC product lines, the mini LED screen panel has been quickly known by mass consumers. According to DSCC, a display Supply Chain Research Institute, apple is developing a 15 inch MacBook Air, which is also the largest size in the history of the air series. The mini LED screen may be used in this large screen, which has attracted the attention and discussion of netizens.

Combined with Apple’s previous actions in the mini led supply chain, this disclosure is highly reliable, which also represents that apple is very optimistic about the prospect of the mini LED screen. This is also because Mini LED has many advantages: high contrast, high brightness, wide color gamut, original color display, etc., and its power consumption is lower than OLED, without stroboscopic problem.

Many netizens are also surprised that Apple will introduce Mini LED technology into the 15 inch large screen, but in fact, mini LED has long been applied in the field of large screen. In the past year, TCL, Samsung, Skyworth and other TV manufacturers have successively launched Mini LED large screen TVs. In particular, TCL, the first domestic TV brand, has firmly controlled the development of mini LED technology. In 2017, TCL began to research and develop Mini led, and the next year it released the world’s first mini led backlit TV. In 2019, TCL became the first enterprise to achieve mass production of mini led smart screens. In 2020, TCL won 90% of the global sales of mini led TVs.

In 2021, when other brands began to enter the mini LED market, TCL has pushed the mini LED technology to a new height. The successful mass production of TCL 85×12 8K Mini led smart screen is the best embodiment of TCL’s leading technology. This mini LED large screen TV has set three World Records – the world’s first od zero Mini LED screen, the thinnest Mini led smart screen on the market, and the mini led smart screen with the most LED chips.

Od zero Mini LED technology creatively shortens the light mixing distance from the traditional 30mm to 0mm. In short, it makes TCL 85×12 8K Mini led leading smart screen achieve a slim body – a thin thickness of less than 1cm, which is as thin as a cicada from the side. The TCL 85×12 8K Mini led smart screen also has nearly 100000 micron led beads, which is also the key to achieving the ultimate image quality.

96000 Mini LED chips are divided into 1920 physical partitions. Under the control of 24 neural grid chips, the brightness and ultra-high contrast of up to 3000nits are achieved. In addition, with the blessing of quantum dot pro, ultra accurate local light control and full-scale color restoration can be realized. The bright field is brighter, the dark field is darker, and the picture color is more pure and natural. In addition, this ultra-thin Mini led smart screen also has a complete set of 8K solutions. For users who like to watch movies, TCL 85×12 8K Mini led smart screen can truly achieve cinema level viewing experience.

As the “leader” of the mini led track, TCL currently has a series of mini led core technologies, such as backlight design, key components, transfer process, and complete machine system. TCL has 9 industry leaders in 12 technical fields, 470 patents, 48 technological commanding points, a whole Mini led experimental line, and 4 Mini LED backlight laboratories, forming a strong technological leading edge. Next, I believe TCL will rely on this series of advantages to continue to seize the high-end market, so that more and more people can see the rise of domestic brands.

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