Apple’s statement on the battery during the iPhone 11 launch surprised many fans. Apple said that the battery life of all three iPhone 11 series phones will be greatly improved.

iPhone 11

Due to the new A13 chip, the efficiency of the new mobile phone is higher than ever before, but this is not the only reason. All iPhone 11 models have no 3D touch layer, and the body is slightly larger than the iPhone XS and XR. These factors make apple slightly increase the battery size of three mobile phones. Compared with XS max, the battery life of iPhone 11 Pro Max increases by as much as five hours.

By 2020, Apple may use the new battery provided by the supplier, which will take the battery life of the new iPhone to another level. Foreign media explained that South Korea’s ITM semiconductor company will provide the iPhone with battery protection circuit, which can protect the circuit module (PCM). The protection circuit can prevent overcharge and excessive discharge. They are essential battery components to improve battery life.

According to previous news, Apple will launch five new phones in 2020, four of which belong to the iPhone 12 series: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 plus, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max, as well as an iPhone se 2. All four iPhone 12 will support 5g.

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