Recently, a patent of Apple has been exposed. It is reported that it is the fingerprint identification technology that Apple fans are looking forward to. Interestingly, the first product to use this technology is neither an iPad nor an iPhone, but an apple watch. From the current situation, apple chose Apple watch as the application object of fingerprint technology under the screen for a reason.

First, the face ID unlocking function, which has been implemented on the third generation iPhone, is not suitable for Apple watch. At least we haven’t seen this technology applied to Apple watch until today, have we? Even the traditional fingerprint identification module is better than face ID;

Second, off screen fingerprint identification technology is mature technology for other brands of Android camp, but it is relatively new for Apple’s products. It is more in line with Apple’s tone to test the water with apple watch first and then fully cover it after confirming that the technology is mature.

Apple watch's first application

Looking back at the development history of Apple watch, we will find that Apple has made great contribution to the popularity of wearable devices; Every year when Apple launches its new products in autumn, Apple will always be proud to announce that Apple watch has the best sales in the world. Maybe only at this time do people realize that Apple watch has always been the leader of wearable devices?

In 2014, apple watch was officially launched, but it was officially launched on the apple store in June 2015 – eight months after its launch. The sales volume of the first generation of Apple watch is not very good at the beginning. In fact, it has gone through such a process from the initial cold to hot sales. What are the highlights of it? It doesn’t seem to count at this time, but in terms of hardware collocation, industrial design and even interaction level, the apple watch generation was enough to crush all the products on sale at that time.

Later, although the appearance of the apple watch series 2 / 3 is not much different from that of the next generation of Apple watch, the GPS positioning, the addition of a brighter display and the improvement of waterproof performance all enable it to cope with more use environments, rather than just a smart “watch” that simply displays time. The main improvement of Apple watch series 3 is to add LTE cellular connection for the first time, which will make it possible to become an intelligent wearable device independent of any apple product.

Apple watch series 4 has the biggest change. It not only increases the display area (from 38mm / 42mm to 40mm / 44mm), but also introduces new features such as electrode type heart rate sensor, fall detection and digital crown with tactile feedback, which means that Apple wants to integrate its top-level wearable products into users’ lives and help people at some time, Such as health, disease monitoring and so on.

When it comes to this year’s apple watch series 5, it’s slowing down again. When it is different from the previous generation of products, it has become more diversified and convenient in terms of interaction and the use of daily tools, and there are not many other changes. Throughout the great success of Apple watch, in fact, it is inseparable from the advantages of convenient use and excellent interaction. Of course, what is more important is that it has added some functions to monitor people’s physical and mental health and linked with the design of relevant medical institutions. It has indeed helped a lot of people and provided predictable help for people’s physical and mental health, which is beyond doubt.


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