According to the latest news from foreign media, apple watch recently encountered a consumer class action lawsuit in the United States. The plaintiff pointed out that Apple clearly knew that there were screen related design defects in the watch, but continued to sell it without solving it, harming the interests of consumers.

According to Appleinsider, California consumer Kenneth Sciacca sued apple to the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California. The case is listed as a consumer class action lawsuit, which means that all consumers who have suffered losses can join the plaintiff team and file a claim against apple.

The plaintiff pointed out that the apple watch had design defects and asked for compensation of $5 million to consumers. All products of the third generation of Apple watches have the same design defects related to the screen (DIAL), which will lead to the screen breaking or falling off from the watch. This phenomenon has nothing to do with the use method of consumers. In addition, many consumers have various problems with the watch screen a few days or weeks after purchase.

The plaintiff’s lawyer pointed out that in fact, apple knew that the product had design defects before the watch was sold. After Apple released the first, first, second and third generation watches, consumers made various opinions and complaints about the watch screen to apple.

The plaintiff pointed out that Apple deliberately hid product problems and refused to admit design defects. Instead, it attributed some problems of the screen to “accidental damage” and refused to provide warranty.

It is reported that several generations of Apple watches have had some quality problems in the past, such as battery bulge, watch back cover falling off, and screen strips in the third generation GPS version.

In some forums where Apple consumers are concentrated, users of Apple watches have also complained about the falling off of the screen, but up to now, Apple has not made an official response.

Foreign technology media speculated that the problem of Apple watch screen falling off may be related to the battery. Because the watch is tightly sealed, if the battery bulges, it will cause other parts to loosen or fall off.

Stand alone

In the smart watch market, apple is a latecomer and imitator. However, relying on Apple’s huge brand influence, Apple has obtained a monopoly advantage in the smart watch market.

Third party data show that Apple watch sales have achieved healthy growth, accounting for the vast majority of the global share of smart watches, and the share of Samsung Electronics, LG and other companies is very limited.

In the early version, apple watch went into a product misunderstanding and launched a gold watch priced at tens of thousands of dollars, hoping to become a standard accessory for people in the fashion industry. However, this plan has completely failed, and the gold watch has been discontinued.

Later, apple adjusted its thinking, took the apple watch as a sports health device, added GPS chips, supported various sports, and priced it at a reasonable $350. Then sales began to grow.

At the current apple 2018 global development conference, apple watch software added support for many sports.

However, it should be pointed out that the industry generally believes that smart watches are a niche market with very limited space, which can only feed a few manufacturers. More media pointed out that the overall smart watch has “died”. In the past few years, smart watch manufacturers including pebble and Motorola have closed down, closed their businesses and stopped their product lines.

In addition, the past model of smart watches imitating smart phones, developing various software and even opening watch software stores has come to a dead end. Internet companies such as Google and Amazon have closed the software for watches.

Obviously, the small screen of the smart watch is not suitable for running complex apps. At the global development conference, Apple also introduced the function of browsing the web through the small screen of the watch, which has been questioned by some operators.

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