Since the beginning of iPhone x, apple mobile phones have gradually started to add OLED screen panels, but in fact, this kind of screen has been put into use earlier on the applewatch. We know that at present, the OLED panels of applewatch are mainly from LG, BOE and other manufacturers. Today, the proportion of display screen in BOM cost has reached the top three, and the requirements of consumers are higher and higher, and apple is also brewing changes.

First, LCD products, such as iPad pro and MacBook, are expected to switch to miniled as soon as the first quarter of next year. Although the essence is still LCD, the backlight can achieve higher brightness, better gray scale and contrast.

And then there are OLED products. From the perspective of industry trend, the ideal alternative of OLED is microled, which uses inorganic gallium nitride luminescent material, with longer life, higher brightness, lower power consumption, and the whole set of display module can be thinner, but the disadvantage is the high manufacturing cost.

As early as 2017, apple already had a prototype product based on microled, but the source said that the most promising applewatchseries 6 could not be launched. Microled is still BOE OLED. The possible reason is that the cost of microled is still not ideal.

The small screen of Apple watch is still a dilemma for apple. I’m afraid the iPhone will wait longer.

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