Apple is studying how to move the battery pack inside the apple watch to provide tactile feedback to the wearer. Apple is trying to make the applewatch thinner, so it wants to eliminate the support of the independent taptic tactile feedback engine. In its latest patent, Apple plans to let batteries provide tactile feedback.

Apple research allows smart watch batteries to provide tactile response

The latest patent name is “portable electronic device of tactile device with mobile battery element”, which is the latest attempt of tactile feedback element. Apple has previously studied using a tactile wristband and modifying the charging coil to do the same thing.

“Traditionally, electronic devices include one or more buttons or electromechanical switches for providing input,” the patent application wrote. Some devices include a touch sensor or touch screen to receive input. However, touch sensors usually lack mechanical feedback to remind the user that the input has been registered. [description in this patent application] refers to a tactile device, which moves a battery element to generate tactile perceptible pulses or vibrations along the outer surface of the device.

Apple research allows smart watch batteries to provide tactile response

This means having a battery electrically connected to the display and a coil assembly configured to induce oscillating motion of the battery element parallel to the display to produce tactile output. In addition to the possibility of eliminating the need for a stand-alone haptic engine to save space for Apple watch, Apple may also use that space for other reasons.

“The smaller the mass of the tactile device, the more it may need to move the mass further to produce the same tactile output,” it said. “For example, if the first mass is half the second mass, it may need to move twice the distance to produce the same amplitude of tactile output.”

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