The pod’s cylinder becomes a more cute sphere, and it’s very small. It costs only $99.

The previous homepod speakers were not successful, or even failed. There were some problems with positioning and price. The homepodmini smart speaker was more accurate, and it took the road of high sound quality, voice control and intelligent control, and the price was lower.

Homepodmini smart speaker is equipped with S5 chip, which can scan 180 audio frequency per minute, calculate audio frequency and optimize it in real time.

The homepodmini smart speaker supports Siri and remembers the voice of every family member.

In terms of intelligent interaction, the homepodmini smart speaker also supports U1 chip. When it is close to the iPhone that supports U1 chip, it can interact, play Apple Music and so on, and it also supports the home messaging function.

In terms of sound quality, homepodmini smart speaker redesigns its cavity to support third-party audio services.

In terms of price, the homepodmini smart speaker costs only $99. It will be ordered on November 5 and shipped on November 16. It is black and white, and the two can form 360 degree surround sound.

Apple released homepod mini smart speaker, which adopts spherical volume and is equipped with S5 chip

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