Previously, analyst Guo Mingxu said that Apple might launch its first AR glasses, or apple glass, in 2022. Jon Prosser recently revealed other information related to the AR glasses.

According to Jon Prosser, both lenses of Apple’s ar glasses have screen display function, which can display pictures and information. Lidar scanners may be equipped inside the glasses to realize the AR function. As Apple’s first AR glasses, this product is expected to carry a new customized IOS system, which is a further upgrade of the current IOS system.

In addition, the user interface of Apple’s ar glasses is called “starboard”. Users can operate through gestures, and display data needs to be processed by iPhone. Jon Prosser said the apple ar glasses, which are likely to sell for $499 (about 3543 yuan), will be released in 2021 and will go on sale in 2022.


Apple is now in an orderly layout of its augmented reality strategy. First, this year’s flagship new iPhone 12 series will add laser array supporting AR, then upgrade the augmented reality component arkit, and promote its development in the fields of games, business and education. Finally, it will release the first AR glasses. What do you think of this?

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