After Apple launched and released reality composer together with ios13 and arkit3 last year, it makes it easier for developers to use it to create applications.

This week, Apple released a new tool called reality converter for MacOS, which enables developers to convert common 3D file formats into Pixar’s universal scene description (usdz) format, which is Apple’s preferred 3D format in 2018.

Apple launched reality converter, which can convert common 3D file formats

With its drag and drop interface, reality converter can preview the display of obj, gltf and USD files in usdz, process textures and modify file metadata, and then convert them to usdz. You can also preview usdz objects under simulated lighting and environment.

This program requires MacOS 10.15 or higher, so registered Apple developers should update the system before downloading and installing the application.

For inspiration, Apple also provides a link to the AR quick look Gallery of 3D objects for developers to use in ar.

Reality composer is one of a series of tools, including Adobe Aero, torch and the upcoming Mars project toolkit for unity, which is designed to help developers create augmented reality experience without heavy coding.

With reality converter, apple can solve the main problems by assisting developers to convert the 3D file format they are used to into Apple’s preferred standard.


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