Industrial Fulian’s exclusive strategic investment in Siling robot reached US $34.5 million

Recently, it was reported that the industrial rich union announced that it had completed the exclusive strategic investment in Siling robot, a unicorn enterprise, with an investment amount of 30million US dollars. Together with the investment last year, the cumulative investment has reached 34.5 million US dollars.

Siling robot is a rising star in the field of robotics. The smart core operating system “agilecore” of Siling robot supports users to develop and deploy next-generation robot solutions, and provides underlying architecture and technical support for the integration of machine vision, artificial intelligence and other functions.

Apple introduces new recycling robot TAZ

On April 19, apple recently announced the latest details of increasing the use of recycled materials in its products, and announced for the first time that it used certified recycled gold in its products. At the same time, Apple also announced its new recycling robot TAZ to improve the recycling capacity of rare earth elements.

Apple said that it used certified recycled gold as the material for the first time in motherboard plating and iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro products, which did not achieve this goal and created a gold supply chain. At the same time, according to Apple’s data, the company has more than doubled the amount of recycled tungsten, rare earth elements and cobalt in production. In the past year, recycled materials accounted for 20% of Apple’s products.

Huawei and daki robot reach cooperation

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and daki robot Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement to jointly build the shengteng AI ecosystem and promote the prosperity and development of the cloud robot industry.

According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly create a joint solution for cloud robot city operation, promote robot operation services, and carry out all-round cooperation in the fields of multimodal large model development, robot innovation and application.

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