With the progress of science and technology, it seems that people’s lifestyle has also ushered in great changes. From wired to wireless, led by Apple iPhone x, wireless charging has become a trend vane. Indeed, there is no need for a charging line. Just put it on the wireless charger and you can realize wireless charging. This is a powerful tool.

In fact, in addition to the wireless charging of smart phones, this trend has also successfully swept the smart wearable device market. According to foreign media macrumors, a new Apple watch magnetic charging base was quietly released on Apple’s official website today, priced at $79. As for the old version, it has been removed from Apple’s official website.

From the appearance alone, the new magnetic charging base on Apple’s new shelf has not changed much, but according to apple, this is mainly due to changes in the internal structure. According to Apple’s official website, this charging base allows you to place the apple watch flat and unlock the strap for charging, or put it on the side for charging. And when charging, the apple watch will automatically enter the bedside clock mode. Therefore, it can also be used as an alarm clock. This charging base can charge Apple watches of all styles and sizes.

Seeing here, are the fruit powders already unable to restrain themselves and want to chop their hands? Don’t worry. You can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry. Although this charging base has been put on the Chinese official website and the display price is 649 yuan, the product is still in the state of “not on sale”, which also means that the guys who want to start need to wait!

We all know that for a long time, smart wear has been regarded as an extension of the function of smart phones. Although wearable manufacturers are trying to reverse this situation, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Smart wear wants to compete with smart phones alone. Now it’s still not a climate. However, this does not prevent manufacturers from adding gimmicks such as full screen and wireless charging to the field of wearable devices, which is also to find some new gimmicks for smart wear.

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