When it comes to today’s smart wearable devices, what do you think of first? Although this market sounds a little strange, everyone may be more or less exposed to it, so on the whole, it has formed a large market scale. IDC’s latest data research report shows the overall situation of the smart wear market in 2019. Apple won the first place, Xiaomi ranked second, Samsung third and Huawei fourth.

Apple is far ahead of other brands in 2019 smart wearable market share

According to the whole data, apple lags far behind other brands, with the shipment volume as high as 106 million, accounting for 31.7% of the market share; Xiaomi ranked second with 41.7 million, the shipment volume ranked second with 12.4% of the market share; Samsung ranked third with 30.9 million, and Huawei ranked fourth with 27.9 million, which are very close to each other. Fitbit, ranked fifth, was left behind, with a share of only 4.7%. The top five brands account for 66.3% of the total market, and there is little space for other brands.

To sum up, apple accounts for one-third of the market, followed by four major brands, and the remaining brands account for the last one-third. Many people may wonder what smart wearable devices Apple has? Apple watch, which used to be familiar to everyone, has now added one, apple air pods. To put it simply, it’s all those that can interact with mobile phones.

As for Xiaomi, their smart wearable products are familiar to us. Among them, Xiaomi Bracelet 4 is the representative. This product is also quite popular and has become the main force of Xiaomi wearable devices. Other brands are similar, basically smart headphones, smart bracelets or smart watches. So it’s not too much to describe this statistical data as “bracelet vs. headset”. After all, for apple, the air pods are much more grounded than Apple’s watch.

However, now domestic brands are making full efforts. For example, Huawei, vivo and oppo can see all kinds of wearable devices and mobile phones released at the same time, including earphones, bracelets and watches. Xiaomi also launched its own watch products in a very high profile last year. It continues to capture the wearable market with rich functions and low prices. With the continued hot sales of Xiaomi bracelets, it is estimated that its share will have more room to rise.

But for consumers, what is their acceptance of such products? Many apple mobile phone users are smart wearable users at the same time. After all, their products are very easy to use. But in the Android camp, smart phones have been widely used, and the corresponding smart wearable devices have not been fully popularized. Maybe it will take a long time for the seamless integration between devices and the cultivation of usage habits.

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