There are rumors that apple is developing two MagSafe mobile power supplies for the iPhone 12, one of which can also support reverse charging. In the latest issue of Genius Bar podcast, which began broadcasting on Monday, well-known informant Jon Prosser said that Apple was developing two MagSafe mobile power supplies.

Apple is developing two MagSafe mobile power supplies that can support reverse charging

According to his message, the more feature rich “high-end” models will support reverse charging, that is, the iPhone can charge MagSafe mobile power. It is unclear when Apple will bring the two mobile power supplies to the market.

Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 12 series last year, a document released by the Federal Communications Commission showed that Apple’s MagSafe protocol supports two-way charging. Previously, it was rumored that it would be launched together with iphone11 in 2019. This hardware function enables smart phones to use its inductive charging coil to charge small accessories and even other mobile phones.

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