Apple is reportedly increasingly concerned about people's health, and its smartwatch, the Apple Watch, is waking people up from laziness. Apple CEO Tim Cook has called "sitting the new cancer" and its products will be the best solution.

Apple is going deeper into the medical space. Patent application documents published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office show that Apple intends to launch a new wearable health device that can be shaped into different accessories. For example, such a device can be designed in the form of a watch, ring, brooch, or the like.

In addition, the patent describes the wearer's manual reading of data through the fingers, and then comparing the data with already stored data to calculate an accurate measurement. It was reported earlier this week that Apple is working on at least one new health-tracking product. The product is said to collect health-related data such as heart rate, pulse and blood sugar, among others.

Apple files new patent for next-gen Apple Watch

Apple files new patent for next-gen Apple Watch

Apple's patent filings suggest the wearable could be seen as the next generation of the Apple Watch and could act as an electrocardiogram to test heart rate, helping Apple tap into the $148 billion medical device market. CCS Insight expects the wearables market to grow to $25 billion by 2019.

While the likes of Samsung, Sony and LG all launched smartwatches before Apple, the Apple Watch kicked off the wearable trend for connected devices. While the iPhone remains Apple's main source of revenue, Apple is eager to launch new products.

Rings or brooches with ECG capabilities may be niche products, but they are key to heart testing. Normally, ECG readings vary depending on the device's distance from the heart, but Apple claims in the patent that it has a calibration feature that gives accurate heart readings no matter where it is placed on the body.

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