According to patentlyapple, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office recently granted apple a new patent related to Apple car’s safety system, including seat belts and roof airbags.


It is reported that the existing occupant safety system of traditional one row, two row or three row vehicles (for example, including restraint devices of safety belts and airbags) can reduce the risk of injury in collision. Vehicle airbags often use internal components, such as instrument panel, roof rail and steering wheel, both for packaging purposes and to provide reaction surfaces to interact with airbags and provide necessary reaction forces. If there is not enough reaction surface or tether, the airbag will deflect too much in case of collision and cannot fully protect passengers. In case of collision, the seat back can be used as an obstacle to protect passengers from loose objects (such as backpacks or electronic equipment) placed on the empty seats of traditional two or three row vehicles.

However, in non-traditional vehicle design, rows of passengers face each other in the compartment, and the treatment of reaction surface, tether and loose items is limited. Therefore, a new method for occupant safety system is needed.


Based on this, apple submitted a patent called “occupant safety system”, which relates to the progress of occupant safety system for non-traditional vehicles, including relative seat system and lack of traditional airbag packaging, instrument panel, steering wheel and other reaction surfaces.

According to Apple’s description, the improved occupant safety system includes cabin partition, dynamic seat system and restraint devices (such as tension restraint and inflatable restraint). The inflatable restraint devices include airbags such as self tethered airbags, seat belt and / or lap belt airbags, roof and / or door airbags and so on. For passengers facing each other in the opposite seat configuration, the safety is improved during the collision.

The use of these safety features also allows the addition of packaging and design options in all vehicle passenger compartments, regardless of seat configuration.

It is understood that this is not Apple’s first attempt to redesign the vehicle safety system. As early as August 2018, apple considered how to automatically shift the seats and restraints to better protect passengers before a collision; In November 2019, it proposed to use luminous parts in car seats to teach people how to use functions, such as how to fasten seat belts. In January of the same year, apple suggested using the seat tension system to provide some form of tactile feedback to the driver; A patent in February 2020 mentions how to automatically change car seats and seat belts during sharp turns to make them more comfortable or safer.

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