Today, Apple announced that the new smart keyboard will be compatible with the 2018 iPad pro. Apple will officially launch iPad OS 13.4 on March 25. The new version will support the addition of touch pad to iPad. Therefore, if 2018 iPad Pro wants to use the new smart keyboard, it needs to be upgraded to iPad OS 13.4.

Apple allows mobile terminals to support Wi Fi without signal interference between 6 WiFi

The keyboard is also a small stand that allows the iPad pro to be suspended. A usb-c interface is designed on the rotating shaft, which can be used to charge the iPad pro. The new second control keyboard can also be folded into a protective case to protect the front and rear body of the iPad Pro for easy carrying out.

Although it looks good, the price is not cheap. The wonderful control keyboard for 11 inch iPad Pro costs 2399 yuan, and the wonderful control keyboard for 12.9 inch iPad Pro costs 2699 yuan.

In addition, the new generation iPad Pro released yesterday also shows a new attitude, that is to make all iPad OS and IOS devices support Wi Fi 6, and they are promoting this thing. In fact, the new generation iPad Pro is another apple mobile terminal supporting Wi Fi 6 after the iPhone 11 series.

In Apple’s view, it is of great significance for mobile terminals to hold Wi Fi 6, which can enable netizens to get a better network speed experience.

Fast is only part of the role of WiFi 6. The transmission rate of WiFi 5 is only 3.5gbps, but WiFi 6 has reached 9.6Gbps. Of course, it is difficult to achieve this speed in practical use. The biggest improvement over WiFi 6 is the bandwidth. The bandwidth of WiFi 6 is four times that of WiFi 5, which means that WiFi 6 can connect more devices at the same time without reducing the network speed of these devices.

Compared with WiFi 5, WiFi 6wpa3 (Wi Fi protected access version 3) security protocol has higher security. And there will be no interference between WiFi to ensure signal stability.


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