According to Chinese Taiwan media reports, Apple has accelerated the preparation of mini LED backlight screen by its suppliers. After all, its new generation iPad Pro will be used. According to the release time, the new product will arrive in March next year.

According to the report, with the help of apple, Taiwan screen manufacturers in China also hope to compete with Samsung and other Korean OLED screens on the new screens.

Apple abandoned OLED and switched to mini LED backlight screen for iPad Pro

In addition to mini LED backlight products, Taiwan manufacturers also push Mini led and micro led new generation panels.

It is reported that the new mini LED screen iPad Pro will be equipped with a14x chip, built-in Qualcomm’s snapdragon x55 modem, support mmwave millimeter wave and sub-6ghz, and will be replaced with a14x processor in 5nm manufacturing process, with at least 6GB of memory.

In addition, apple is exploring Mini LED displays with 10000 LEDs, each less than 200 microns. Because there are more LEDs and more dimming areas, mini LED display can provide deeper or darker black, higher brightness, richer colors, and greater contrast.

It is reported that iPad pro with larger screen will consider using mini LED backlight (higher brightness than OLED or general backlight, even HDR 1400). The panel technology is mainly based on oxides to match the mini LED backlight. However, there are two driving modes for the mini LED backlight: LTPS backplane will be used to drive the mini LED backlight, or PCB backplane will be used to drive the mini LED backlight, depending on the cost and the thickness design of the tablet computer.

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