Apple usually releases its autumn new product launch in September every year. The only thing that was not released on time was the iPhone 12, which was delayed due to the epidemic last year. All four mobile phones were delayed to varying degrees. Thirteen fragrances", this stalk became a hot word on the Internet for a while, so this year we finally waited for the iPhone 13 series.

According to the first brother who broke the news, this year's iPhone 13 will be released on time like previous iPhones, and there will be no further delays. In order to avoid repeating the mistakes of the iPhone 12, Apple has already started preparing various components and so on.

The entire iPhone 13 series will use the A15 processor, which is a 5nm process, and TSMC is the foundry, except for the 5.4-inch iPhone 13mini.

The other three models can support dual-SIM dual-standby, 5G network, and cameras. The entry-level iPhone13mini and iPhone13 have dual rear cameras, while the high-end iPhone13Pro and iPhone13ProMax have triple cameras, as well as lidar scanners.

The overall style of iPhone 13 has not changed, and it is still the design of straight screen + right-angle frame. The front bangs are still there, but they are significantly smaller than the bangs of the iPhone 112, and the quality of the screen is also top-notch, with OLED screens and a high refresh rate of 120Hz.

The iPhone 13 will not use the Type-c interface, because in the new iPhone 13 series, Apple has cancelled the charging port. This attempt is as bold and decisive as the cancellation of the charging head in the 12 series last year.

So how exactly does the iPhone 13 charge? Magsafe magnetic charging. This technology was first launched on the iPhone 12 series. It uses the wireless charging method and the built-in magnet to form attraction. Although Apple has not been able to greatly improve the actual power of wireless charging, it is clear that the charging experience is better than one grade.

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