Different from fires that occur in cities, forest fires occur in the wild, with complex environments, hard to find water sources, and a lot of combustibles. It is very difficult to put out fires. Therefore, for forest firefighting, prevention is always the best countermeasure. But the forest is vast, and prevention is easier said than done. Fortunately, the Aoshi UAV brand under Wofei Changkong has professional forest firefighting UAV solutions, which can eliminate forest fires in the bud.

First, let’s talk about Aoshi’s fire-fighting drone products. Aoshi’s fire-fighting drone is fast and has a long flight time. It can monitor a large range of forest areas. It is equipped with photoelectric pods and cooperates with real-time image transmission. It can work 24 hours a day Monitor suspicious fires. Even at night, you can rely on the infrared pod to clearly detect the heat source fires and notify relevant personnel in time to prevent the fires from becoming uncontrollable.

In the Aoshi forest firefighting drone solution, there is more support for corresponding systems and platforms, which can be deeply applied to various forest firefighting businesses, such as finding fire, collecting data, analyzing data, evaluating fire, commanding actions, and controlling fire. And so on, so as to give full play to the technical advantages in forest fire protection and achieve good guarantee effect.

For example, the multi-dimensional perception system can integrate various information, such as the information of drone detection and perception, the information of mountain video surveillance, the information of space satellite hotspots, the information of the meteorological bureau, the information of lightning detection and perception, the real-time real-time information of ground personnel Information, etc., so that the commander can have a full and detailed understanding of the forest fire situation, so as to better conduct command and dispatch, so that the fire can be controlled in the shortest time.

With perfect solutions and excellent forest firefighting drone products, Aoshi was also invited to participate in the 2021 forest fire emergency drill in Zhengzhou, as a technical force to assist firefighters in the drill for responding to sudden forest fires.

Aoshi forest firefighting drones have participated in emergency response operations such as fire reporting and disposal, mass evacuation and transfer, plan activation, fire reconnaissance, and ground-air combined comprehensive firefighting tactics. The situation information such as the spreading trend helped them to grasp the scene situation comprehensively and meticulously, thus improving the efficiency of reconnaissance, protecting the safety of firefighters, and effectively promoting the fire rescue operation, making the exercise a complete success.

After the actual combat test, it has further proved the excellent performance of the Aoshi forest firefighting drone. However, forest fires are fiercer than tigers and cannot be taken lightly at any time. Aoshi will continue to increase investment in research and development, develop more powerful forest firefighting drone products, and improve forest firefighting drone solutions to truly prevent problems from "burning" and protect the greenness of the country and the people. assets!

Reviewing Editor: Fu Ganjiang

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