Rsl15 extends ansenmey’s Bluetooth low-power enabled solution portfolio to enhance security and processing capabilities with innovative smart sensing capabilities

November 30, 2021 – ONSEMI (NASDAQ: on), which is ahead of intelligent power supply and intelligent sensing technology, today released a new secure rsl15 wireless microcontroller (MCU), providing the lowest power consumption in the industry. Rsl15 has Bluetooth low-power wireless connection function, which solves the growing demand for security in interconnected industrial applications without sacrificing power consumption.

In order to verify energy efficiency, rsl15 has passed the certification of embedded microprocessor benchmark Alliance (EEMBC). Ulpmark of the organization ™- The coremark benchmark project measures the energy efficiency of microcontrollers used in embedded systems. Rsl15 is now ahead of similar products with a “performance” score of 60.5. In the ulpmark coreprofile project for calculating MCU deep sleep energy efficiency, ansenmey’s rsl10 and rsl15 also maintained the top two positions respectively.

Patrick Moorhead, CEO, founder and chief analyst of moor Insights & strategy, said: “from tracking contact beacons to traceable asset tags, millions of connected devices around the world are powered by small batteries. Rsl15 is in EEMBC ulpmark ™ The new Bluetooth 5.2 energy efficiency record set in the coremark project will help these and many other applications achieve longer battery life than they think possible. “

Rsl15 is designed with arm while maintaining its most advanced power consumption ® TrustZone ® Technology to establish the device trust root and arm cryptocell ™- 312 technology to protect the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of code and data. The design of PSA level-1 authentication enhances the security measures originally provided as part of Bluetooth protocol, so as to provide guarantee at the application and software level.

Michel de mey, vice president of industrial solutions division of ansenmey, said: “the ability to guard against network threats is an important distinguishing factor for manufacturers who choose wireless microcontrollers for industrial Internet of things (IOT) applications. Rsl15 provides a comprehensive wireless solution that OEM and consumers can trust with advanced system level security functions and leading energy efficiency.”

Rsl15 supports a series of new functions provided by Bluetooth 5.2 specification, including longer distance, higher data transmission volume and positioning through angle of arrival (AOA) and angle of departure (AOD). Ansenmey has also developed an innovative intelligent sensing function to make arm cortex ®- Although the M33 processor maintains deep sleep mode, it can still monitor the sensor interface. With these advanced new functions, rsl15 will continue the success of rsl10 radio series. Rsl10 has been integrated into various industrial automation applications, including interconnected asset tracking, intelligent retail and IOT edge nodes.

Rsl15 is packaged in micro 40 pin QFN and is now available.

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